07:30 Service | Spirit Teacher Message

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ts Hall, @theStoicMedium’s Spirit Teacher, Nathan shares his thoughts about making intimate spiritual connections

this is a message for one of my spirit guides and teachers. I asked them to take and share with you based on who’s on our service right now, what it is best for you to hear, to help you take away what it is you want to and need to take away from our time together.

And Nathan steps forward. This is a very light form of trance. I shifted my consciousness outside of my awareness, just for a moment. He steps into my awareness and I repeat exactly what I’m given. This is a form of, uh, we call this inspirational speaking and we teach it to our advanced.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh. And that’s what we try to work with. This entity is to not take things quite so seriously because you know, the moment you start to take things seriously, you oftentimes make mistakes and the more mistakes you make, the more seriously you have to take things. But the part for you to listen to and hear rain now is allowing yourself to, um, treat yourself as generously as you’ve allowed yourself to treat this entity here for indeed.

If you were on this side of the. Making all the mistakes and seen all the errors and not seeing the red dots and the lights and the, this, and the, that, and the, those, and the them. Would you be as generous with yourself as you were with him for indeed too many times, we are so cordial, so accepting, so generous.

So forgiving of the other people in our lines, but we do not extend these simple courtesies to ourselves. And while it may seem difficult, remember that everything you want to attract in your life is attracted there by who you are being at the moment. And it’s moment by moment. My moment of you exemplifying your values, exemplifying what’s important.

And walking your path mindfully, present that you allow yourself to connect with those deeper feelings, those deeper senses of knowing those deeper spiritual perceptions, my highest blessings.

So that was a Nathan. He just showed me a plain white screen today, just a white, a white, uh, like just a white screen. So that was interesting, uh, is always interesting, interesting for me to go back and listen to the messages that come through me. Um, most of the time they’re talking directly about me, uh, which makes it difficult for me to concentrate, but at the same time, the words that are spoken, uh, sometimes just amaze me, uh, that I’m able to be the conduit for such wisdom and knowledge.

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