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ts Hall, @theStoicMedium’s Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling shares his thoughts about making intimate spiritual connections

This is our opening message from spirit. And during this, I invite one of my spirit guides, a teacher to step forward and to share with you something for the group that will help each of us walk away with what it is.

We wanted to get my spending time together this morning. So this is a very light form of trans we call it inspirational speaking. And so what I do is I step my consciousness aside just a little bit and leave an opening in my awareness. And then one of my teachers will step in just a little bit and that gives us a better connection.

And then I repeat whatever they give me. So let’s see, who would like to, to share. And Nathan would like to share this morning,

My friends, hello again. So glad that you could connect and choose to be here. And I say that with my most sincere intentions, because two things I know for certain, it took something for you to be here today. You had to make a choice. You had to make a decision. You had to take effort. You had to find that email.

You had to find that link. You had to. Your email address, you had to find all these different things that this entity worries so much about you having to join him for these few minutes each Sunday, then you not only had to make the conscious choice to be here and take the conscious actions to be here.

You have to also trust that once you’re here, you will receive something, a benefit that’s worth wine. And that is after all my friends, your whole intention for this lifetime to find what is meaningful, that will impact you. So you understand this thing called life, share more of this thing called love.

So you will better understand your place in the universe. And as you live each life, each year of this life, you have an opportunity at the beginning of each calendar year to kind of regroup and to rethink or so most people pretend you see life is a moment by moment conscious creation, the creation of which will allow you to experience life.

And as I say that again, you consciously create life moment by moment. So not only is there a new year, a new mouth, a new week, a new day, there is a new moment. Pay new moment, a new moment, a new moment. The more present you are and mindful to what you are present to the more accurately you will know what next step will take you to, where you want to go and where that step will lead you.

And you eliminate surprise in your life. Are you willing to lead a fulfilling, satisfied, successful, but boring wife? It seems that most people are not, but as this entity, um, sets out to, to express his word of the year, as he says, being prolific, he’s trying to decide what to share on the, your social media.
And as he tries to decide what to share, he realizes that he has the most boring life, even this last week when he allowed himself to become sick and, um, wallow in his self-pity is young men tend to do. He realized how boring life is. The only excitement was a little bit of illness or sickness, but is that not what you face every day?

Hey, choice about your next step. And if you had full and complete awareness, absolute control of your mind and complete connection with your intuitive, knowing your spirit guides and teachers and your extra sensory perception and you know, oh, would you be okay? Or are they mutually exclusive? That’s what there is for you to discover during our time today.
And during your time, this lifetime, my highest blessings.

Okay. He was showing me the big Haugan to-do list that was sitting right next to me while I was not feeling well this week. And what they do is they’ll show me an image sometimes to keep me focused.

So I don’t pay attention to what they’re saying. Cause when he started all this my entity stuff and he’s talking about me, uh, that’s a little distracting when you know, someone you love dearly is talking about you, you know, you’re here’s Bernie.

Uh, all right. So that was Nathan. That was a message for our mutual highest.

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  1. Rev. Hall,
    I was listening to the Absence Healing videos and I saw this box I could reply back to you. LOL
    Jan, 23, 2022 service was really good for me to hear. It is easy to forget our lives go moment by moment by moment thru every day and evening. I was so comforted by this I got excited since days and some moments can seem to be “boring”.
    Thank you for sharing and sorry I missed it. I will see you soon.