September 16, 2023

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Hello all,

My training as a Spiritualist began in September 1987.

Little did I know it would become my life’s work.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

By the way, I’m sharing these anecdotes as a way of letting you know that you’re not alone and regardless of what you’re experiencing, a consistent meditation practice and learning to develop your psychic and healing abilities goes a long way in helping your find and honor your Spirit’s Intent for this incarnation.

The last thing for me to share is that my pride and stubbornness kept me stuck for so many years, incapable of hearing what so many desperately wanted me to see in myself. By so many, I mean both on this side and the other.

You will break through your stuff in time and on time, never before or after, and the more consistent your practices, the sooner your awareness will allow you to change.

🔅 A Hot Mess

Unbeknownst to me, in 1987, I was a hot mess getting by, stressed, and faking it the best I could.

My ambitions were all financially and success-motivated. At that time, I defined success as power, toys, and prestige.

My biggest concern was that you knew, that I had all the answers. (Even though I was clueless about the true nature of the question being asked.)

I was 96% instinct and 4% awareness.

🔅You're Fired!

A recent transplant to California, I didn’t know the game’s rules. I played full out in ways that worked for me in Georgia.

you're firedIn California, it got me fired.

I pissed off a “consultant” by threatening to ruin his cream puff contract. He made sure that didn’t happen.

I was humiliated and humbled. About a decade later, I learned I was the first in a long line of people this consultant had terminated to protect his interests.

I took solace in knowing my instincts were right, but my uninformed actions, not so much.


Over 35 years of self-discovery through and teaching spiritual practice, I’ve learned how FEAR is the biggest enemy of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Our physical body evolved to recognize and use fear to trigger our survival instincts (fight, flight, freeze, or fawn).

Fear deludes us into taking instinct-based actions at the expense of our Spirit’s Intent and intuitive knowing.

The foundation of spiritual practice is meditation, which quiets our minds and calms our emotions, allowing a fraction of a second to discern between an instinctual or intuitive response.

With practice, fear leaves our being-ness like peeling away layers of an onion until we get to a center of pure awareness.

🔅 the Biggest Surprise

Conquering fear’s many faces and manifestations takes patience and intentionality, but it is essential for living life fully.

The biggest surprise happened when I felt safe, calm, and relaxed.

hulkWith my guard down, I was self-healing, taking deep, slow breaths when a sense of panic came over me and what can best be described by the scene in the first Alien movie when the creature burst out of a man’s chest…

Rage and anger erupted from my solar plexus area with the fury of a thousand stars exploding.

I wrenched and resisted the urge to push it back in…

What seemed like an hour was less than a minute. My fear was never about outside threats but what would happen if I lost control and got angry.

I felt like Bruce Banner transitioning into the Hulk. For about six months, every time I wanted to resist experiencing anger, I’d say to myself… you don’t want to hold on to this anger.

Let fear go, it’s okay to feel anger.

🔅 My Spiritual Eyes

Love is everywhere, all around you, and you will recognize it the moment you start seeing with the spiritual eyes of your soul.

The biggest foe and enemy to your happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment is your physical body, specifically your senses’ delusions.

You probably know that like attracts like. You have experiences and good stories to back this up.

But you also have stories that prove what you were attracted was only sometimes what it seemed to be. (The Micky Gilly song, “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.” comes to mind.)

With practice, you begin to see beyond the physical realm and, perceive the energetic or spiritual realm, AND TRUST WHAT YOU KNOW… At least, that’s how it was for me.

If you’re reading this, you know what I’m talking about. And your job becomes to begin interacting with our physical world using our spiritual senses.

Delusions cease once you consistently and reliably see with your spiritual senses, then life becomes most interesting.

🔅 Do Share...

Please take a moment and share in then comments your spiritual triumphs and how you’re progressing with rediscovering your spirit’s intent.

🔅 Sunday's Topic

This Sunday, we delve into Spiritual Journaling techniques that help you be yourself in all your relationships. Hint… It gets easier when you start seeing your connections using the spiritual eyes of your soul…


BTW: We found and fixed the problem with RSVPs that many of you experienced last week.

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