The Spirit360 Fellowship is

an Online Spiritual Community

We offer online spiritualist church services, psychic and healing arts classes, and actionable spiritual guidance.

We’re an Indie Spiritualist Church

But this ain’t your Grandma’s Spiritualism

Our vision: A world that works for all humanity. Starting with you.

Our mission: To EXCELerate Your Finding Purpose so you Start Thrive.

Our purpose: To help you rediscover spirit, find purpose, and thrive

Below You will Find Our Precepts & Principles

We believe heaven and hell are here and now, this life time phenomenon. A state of mind and attitude brought about by our actions.

Living in harmony with spiritual law causes a heavenly experience.

Disregarding spiritual law causes hell.

God is.

There is an innate order to the universe, an infinite intelligence through time within which we exist and live.

Reincarnation is the mechanism for spiritual evolution, our spirit’s progression from simple to complex.

We believe life continues beyond the death of the physical body. Our spirit embodies our consciousness between physical incarnations.

Karma is cause and effect, causation and applies to the actions of this lifetime only.

Science and its methodology is the process for discerning objective truths, that objectively describes what’s so for all people.

Science in no way conflicts with our belief system, but rather provided a framework for our studies and practices.

The Spirit360 Fellowship practices and teaches spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing enhances our body’s natural healing ability by directing energy into the etheric/spirit body which in turn reminds the physical body to return to a state of harmony.

In addition to self-healing and in-person (laying on of hands), we teach and practice a form of spiritual absence healing to send healing energy to our friends and loved with the assistance of our spirit guides and teachers.

We practice and teach mediumship, communication with discarnate spirit entities in adherence to the spiritual law of non-interference.

We do not believe there are demons, evil spirits or anything on the spirit (other side) that will deliberately harm you.

We believe you incarnated for a specific reason to bring about experiences that will help you progress toward your personal, individual spiritual perfection.

Your life purpose understood when you know the answers to these questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

You rediscover the answers to these questions as a natural consequence of going within during spiritual growth and development practices.

ts Hall, @theStoicMedium - spiritual director at spirit360 fellowship

Spiritual Director

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, is a clairvoyant, trance medium.

Terry began mastering his psychic and healing skills in 1987. He was NOT born clairvoyant, but developed his skills and abilities from scratch.

He started teaching in 1989 and was ordained in 2014. Spirit360 Fellowship is how he gives back to the philosophy that has served him so well this lifetime.

Please know, if Terry can do this stuff, you can too. But only if you’re willing to do the work.