About Spirit360 Fellowship

We’re an Indie Spiritualist Church

But this ain’t your Grandma’s Spiritualism

Our vision: A world that works for all humanity.

Our mission: To EXCELerate Spiritual Enlightenment.

Our purpose: To help you rediscover spirit, find purpose, and thrive

Our Precepts & Principles

ts Hall, @theStoicMedium - spiritual director at spirit360 fellowship

Spiritual Director

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, is a clairvoyant, trance medium.

Terry began mastering his psychic and healing skills in 1987. He was NOT born clairvoyant, but developed his skills and abilities from scratch.

He started teaching in 1989 and was ordained in 2014. Spirit360 Fellowship is how he gives back to the philosophy that has served him so well this lifetime.

Please know, if Terry can do this stuff, if you’re willing to do the work, you can too.