Spirit360 Fellowship is an Independent Spiritualist Church that offers interactive online services and circles. We embrace Spiritualism as a philosophy, not the typical Bible based, American Spiritualism.

Our vision: A world that works for all humanity.

Our mission: To EXCELerate Your Spiritual Awakening.

We do this by applying scientific methodology to traditional Spiritual Growth and Development practices so you learn to display undeniable psychic and healing abilities, on-command when you need them most.

Our purpose:To provide you with Spiritual Guidance & Instruction so you find the answers you're seeking.

Our Philosophy We are an instructional church teaching spiritual awareness through mastering the Psychic & Healing Arts

Our Precepts

We do not ask you to believe anything we present at face value, but rather we instruct you how to experience, for yourself, what we've found to work. By so doing, you can then decide if this is the right path for your spiritual journey this lifetime.

We believe: God Is.

We believe: Life continues after the physical body dies in the form of our Spirit Selves and communication with these "Spirit Entities" is possible.

We believe: Heaven and Hell are real and exist as states of mind, here and now.

We believe: Evolution is in effect throughout the Universe. All forms of life, matter, and energy evolve from simple to complex, then return to simple.

We believe: All entities will reach Nirvana, a state of personal, individual Spiritual Perfection.

We believe: Reincarnation is the tool by which we evolve spiritually to reach perfection or Nirvana.

We believe: Karma is cause and effect created and completed during your current life.

We believe: Learning to Love Unconditionally is a Universal Spiritual Lesson all beings incarnate many lifetimes to master.

We believe: Healing one's self and others is a learnable skill and an expression of unconditional love.

Spirit360 Fellowship Is a Community of Kindred Spirits

As old souls, empaths & hyper-sensitive persons, we're each on a spiritual quest to find answers to the many questions that bother us so.

Together We Will Rediscover Spirit ∞ Find Purpose ∞ Live Happily Ever After

Does this "ring true" for you?

Our Spiritual Director

is TS Hall @theStoicMedium

As a clairvoyant, trance medium, Terry began mastering his psychic and mediumship skills and abilities in 1987. He was NOT born clairvoyant, but developed his skills and abilities from scratch. He started teaching in 1989 and was ordained in 2014.

Terry provides actionable spiritual guidance and instruction for your highest and best good so you walk your path with more confidence and certainty.

Spiritually speaking, Terry started his adult life with a full count against him.

Terry was born male, in the Southern United States, and raised Southern Baptist. STRIKE ONE!

He was educated as an Engineer. STRIKE TWO!

Fortunately, he kept fouling off the payoff pitches until he discovered Spiritualism (as a philosophy) and started his journey as a student and teacher of Psychic Development, Healing, and Meditation.

Bottom line, if Terry can master his intuition, develop on-command psychic abilities and mediumship, and become a spiritual healer he can teach you to do the same.

ts hall @theStoicMedium - spiritual director spirit360 fellowship