We're an Independent Spiritualist Church where Spirit is real, the truth simple, and happiness your predictable future.

Our vision: Earth united in Love!

Our mission: To inspire a Spiritual Renaissance by teaching Spiritual Growth and Development to those ready to take control of their lives.

Our purpose: Helping you rediscover your spirit-self and spirit for living while learning to communicate with your Spirit Guides & Teachers and inspire others with who you're becoming.

Spiritualism's simple truth.

  • We believe: God Is.
  • We believe: Life continues after the physical body dies in the form of our Spirit Selves and communication with these "Spirit Entities" is possible.
  • We believe: Heaven and Hell are real and exist as states of mind, here and now.
  • We believe: Evolution is in effect throughout the Universe. All forms of life, matter, and energy evolve from simple to complex then return to simple.
  • We believe: Reincarnation is the tool by which we evolve spiritually to reach perfection or Nirvana.
  • We believe: Karma is cause and effect created and completed during your current life.
  • We believe: Learning to Unconditionally Love is a Universal Spiritual Lesson we incarnate many lifetimes to master.
  • We believe: Healing one's self and others is a learnable skill and an expression of unconditional love.

Our Spiritual Philosophy, Teachings, and Practices:

Our philosophy is New Thought Spiritualism.

Our teachings are individual responsibility for every aspect of our experience of being alive.

Our practices are Stillness Meditation, Affirmative Declaration, Spiritual/Energy Healing, Psychic Development, and Mediumship.

We train, develop and ordain Spiritualist Ministers to be Master Energy Healers, Mediums, and Spiritual Teachers.

Our Ministers communicate with our Spirit Guides and Teachers to help bring about health, harmony, well-being, and complete peace of mind for those they heal, counsel and teach.

Our Spiritual Director

T. S. Hall - the Stoic Medium

As a clairvoyant, trance medium, Terry began mastering his spirit communication skills and abilities in 1987. He was NOT born clairvoyant, but developed his skills and abilities from  scratch. He started teaching in 1989 and was ordained in 2014.

Terry provides clear, direct and straightforward readings and messages always for your highest and best good.

Spiritually, Terry started with three strikes against him.

Terry was born male, STRIKE ONE!

He was born in the Southern United States and raised Southern Baptist, STRIKE TWO!

He was educated as an Engineer, STRIKE THREE!

Fortunately on his third strike, he kept hitting fouls balls to stay alive until he discovered Spiritualism and his life's passion as a student and teacher of Spirituality, Healing, and Meditation.

So, if Terry can master his intuition, develop psychic abilities, learn to be a medium, and become a spiritual healer he can teach you to do the same...

ts hall — the stoic medium, rev terry hall