the Most Accurate Empath Test | 2022 Update

the Spirit360 accurate Psychic Empath Test

If you’re an empath, you know it.

If you’re not an empath, you have to ask and take 60 question tests and the like.

Below you will find the recordings for our live online Spiritual Church Service on February, 6, 2022 where we share the most Accurate Empath Test we’ve ever found.

This empath test is the psychic empath test and has but one question.

the Spirit360 accurate Psychic Empath Test

Feb 06, 2022 Spiritualist Meetings:
The Most Accurate Empath Test

– February is Empath Month –

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares those things empathic in February.

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Order of Service:

  • Welcome
  • An opening spirit guide message
  • A Stillness Meditation Practice
  • Guided Self-Healing Visualization
  • Applied Spirituality & Instructional Talk: The Most Accurate Empath Test
  • Absence Healing Service
  • Psychic Messages Service
  • Setting Your Week’s Intention

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The Most Accurate Empath Test Transcript

What is the Most Accurate Empath Test?

Many in our community found their way to the Spirit360 Fellowship after watching our Empath Test Video on YouTube. 

In that video, I shared how to test your empathic abilities and distinguished between the three most common empathic experiences.

We categorize Empathic Experiences as an Intuitive Empath, a Psychic Empath, and a Claircognizant Empath.

Many of you asked, “Can I be all three?”

To which I answered, “YES.”

Today, we look more deeply at what this means for you to empower you as an empath.

What Is An Empath?

Empaths perceive, feel, and experience the emotions and feelings of others.

We’re aware of these experiences to varying degrees. But these emotions, these feelings, these experiences are energetic.

Our understanding of these energies improves by practicing the stillness meditation practices we teach at Spirit360 Fellowship.

Each of the three types of empathic energies most of us experience use the same skillset to perceive. At the Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy, we call this opening the Spiritual Eyes of the Soul.

Our stillness meditation practice is the quickest way we’ve found to open the spiritual eyes of your soul.

The Spiritual Eyes of your Soul open by training your brain to accurately recognize the energies perceived by your psychic or spiritual senses.

And it is this perception, this interface between your spirit and your body, that interface is our psychic senses. 

Our brain processes information from the physical senses, regardless of the source (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell). It also perceives empathic energies perceived irrespective of their origin.

What Is The Most Accurate Empath Test?

We perceive energy psychically, making the Spiritual Senses of the Soul our psychic senses.

The Spirit360 Empathic Test has only one question, and you’re probably not going to like it, well maybe you will.

The Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy one question Empath Test asks…

Are you ready to master your psychic skills?

If you answer yes, we can help you expand and improve your empathic awareness, to illuminate your spiritual path this incarnation.

Mastering your psychic abilities is the quickest way to find peace, freedom, and answers for empaths. 

As you master the ability to perceive the world energetically, you connect with the source of limitless power available to you at the speed of thought. 

Mastering the Psychic Empathic Test

Empaths perceive things energetically, but an untrained mind struggles with differentiating sources and intentions of their perceptions.

Empaths can discern between intuitive knowing, ESP (extra-sensory perception), and spirit communication with proper training. 

Here is a pop quiz:

Is now the right time for you to master your empathic discernment?

If so, you start by testing your psychic skills and competencies.

The reason I’m @theStoicMedium is that I’m grounded in three-dimensional reality and finding my answers within.

I don’t practice astrology, numerology, or taro.

I meditate and practice my psychic abilities in verifiable and displayable ways as the physical senses perceive.

How To Test Your Psychic Abilities

The testable psychic abilities are intuitive knowing, ESP, and spirit communication.

Just as we can agree on what our physical senses perceive, so can we agree on what our spiritual senses perceive.

When we learn to confirm the perceptions of our spiritual senses with the physical senses, we’ve conquered delusion.

We find peace and tap into a source of insight and limitless power to illuminate our way through this incarnation.

This level of training is what differentiates Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy for other churches and schools.

We teach you to master your psychic and healing skills that are displayable, verifiable, and undeniable to the physical senses.

Many gifted people have aptitudes as athletes, musicians, artists, and intellectuals. But without training and practice, the expression of their skills is never fully developed.

And as we move into this training area, this area of really allowing yourself to make the most of this gift find peace and within will enable yourself to connect with the world around you in a profound way, which you understand control and manage, develop that sensitivity to its highest level.

Each time we attain the next skill level, we can see the next higher level and the path to get there.

I’ve had the privilege of sitting across from many beautifully empathic people during my 30+ year spiritual journey. In addition, I’ve practiced with some of the best psychics and mediums in the world.

In their presence is a quiet knowing best described and congruence. The unity exists between the thought forms of experience and expectation. In three-dimensional reality, there is a oneness between thinking and knowing, thought, action, and outcome.

An Empathic Final Exam

Now here’s the beautiful part. And here’s the part that is, I wish I could get you to take one thing away from today, your gift is a beautiful gift, and it’s there for a reason. And once you discover that reason, then you will find the answers you’re seeking the peace. You’re seeking reconciliation. You’re seeking as you take a deep breath. And I want you to imagine waking up one day and everything’s perfect.

Everything’s perfect in the world. Nothing is out of alignment.

Your mind, body, and spirit aligned perfectly in 3-part harmony.

You always know your next step and where it will lead you.

You walk your path with no surprises.

For some, this will be a bit boring.

But most empaths who’ve mastered the psychic empathic tests to discern between intuition, ESP, and spirit communications walk their paths as Gods.

All because of answering this one question empath test, “Are you ready to develop your empathic abilities into skills you can display on-command?”

If you answer yes, all that remains is doing the work.

My highest blessings.

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