Attract Spiritual Connections

Learn to Attract Spiritual Connections and Thrive

The simple, yet not at all easy way that to attract spiritual connections makes all the difference in experiences a happy, thriving life

December is our Spiritual Connections Month

Spirit360 Fellowship exists to bring Spiritualism to those who don’t have a local Spiritualist Church or Community in their back yard.

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December 04, 2022

How to Attract Spiritual Connections

Spirit360 Sunday Gatherings Agenda:

  • Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship
  • Opening Spiritual Lesson
  • Stillness Meditation Practice
  • Guided Spiritual Healing Visualization
  • TOPIC: Attracting Spiritual Connections
  • Q&A | Ask Me Anything
  • Announcements
  • Spiritualist Absence Healing Service
  • FREE Psychic Messages Service
  • Intention Setting and Closing Circle

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How to Attract Spiritual Connections

Specifically, How do we attract the spiritual connections of our desires?

The answer is quite simple, yet not at all easy.

Many of you will enjoy this because it fills in some gaps in your awareness to refine your Attraction Process.

Others, not so much, because you’re stuck in the realm of not knowing what you don’t know, preventing you from seeing these simple truths.

By the end of this conversation, the possibility of attracting spiritual connections becomes real. You will know how to manifest and spot spiritual connection opportunities with plenty of time to respond. And most importantly, you will begin to materialize relationships based upon profound spiritual connections rather than your expectation-driven delusions.

Every Connection is Spiritual

Understand that every connection in your life is spiritual. Yes, even that one. Especially that one.

Because every living being and thing has a spirit, your animal and plant friends all have a spirit.

Spiritual connections happen at a pure consciousness and are possible with any living entity on the spirit side or incarnate.

Every connection is spiritual and limited only by our level of spiritual awareness.

Attracting Spiritual Connections

We’ve talked about attractions before. You can go to and search for “attraction” to find those resources.

Attraction requires specificity, but our specificness is often limited to physical attributes. So, for example, I want to attract a tall, athletic, dark-haired beauty with green eyes. I want them to make this much money, cook, and be a sexual superstar and a virgin.

See the problem? Spiritually speaking, physicality is irrelevant. As you become aware of spiritual vibrations, namaste becomes effortless because you start perceiving the world using the spiritual eyes of your soul rather than your physical senses.

To attract others spiritually, with or without physical bodies, requires learning to be authentically yourself. Your authenticity lowers the filters, expectations, and fantasies that block the spiritual eyes of your soul.

As you perceive the world without pretense, your spiritual eyes are wide, allowing you to see beyond the delusions of your outward senses.

Imagine meeting someone, shaking hands, hugging them, and connecting spiritually, disappearing into their vibration. Namaste. The spirit in you recognizes and acknowledges their vibration, knowing instantly if this is a connection to cultivate or bypass.

attract spiritual connections by mastering the psychic and healing arts

Learning to master the Psychic and Healing Arts trains you to see beyond the limits of your outward senses and instincts to connect spiritually with yourself first, then expand that sensitivity to include others.

Conquering Attachment

We connect spiritually with others for a reason, a season, or a lifetime; this is true whether the entity is incarnate or on the spirit side.

Connecting with your spirit self provides direct access to our intuitive knowing, allowing us to perceive and accept the nature of each spiritual connection without growing attached to “how things should be.”

The best practice to develop your ability to attract spiritual connections is to find at least one thing to fall in love with for every person you encounter.

Your physical senses tell you one story, while your intuitive knowing provides a different version of reality. Searching for a unique, lovable, and attractive quality whenever you encounter someone forces you to see their spirit, energy, or vibration to recognize their inherent beauty.

Attracting spiritual connections begins with meditation. Meditation is the key to harmony because you authentically connect spiritually with yourself.

Doing so lets you know who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going, making you irresistible and attractive to those like you. And trains you to mindfully know when the spiritual connections you desire enter your awareness.


My highest blessings,

How to Get The BEST Free Psychic Readings

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Spiritualist Churches: are known for providing the best FREE Psychic Readings. Technically they’re not free because you are asked to make a donation, but at Spirit360 Fellowship, the donations are not mandatory.

  • Public Psychic Messages: The messages offered are delivered in public so they may seem a bit cryptic or vague because your Spirit Guides and Teachers will never deliberately embarrass you.
  • Many Ways To Benefit: Because Spirit360 Fellowship is a tight-knit community of like minds and kindred spirits, many of whom are on similar paths and managing many of the same life’s problems, our spirit guides and teachers will often have the medium share a message in such a way that many people can benefit from their insights and wisdom… Indeed a Win/Win Environment.

Independent Spiritualism (a simple way that works)

Spirit360 Fellowship is an Indie Spiritualist Church that practices Spiritualism as a philosophy rather than a religion.

We are not Bible based, or Pseudo-Christian (although we study and honor Jesus as a teacher and excellent healer). 

We find the practices that work, regardless its origin, to help us walk our paths toward Nirvana (individual, personal spiritual perfection) while experiencing what we incarnated to learn this lifetime. 

Join us live to see for yourself...

The only way to know if the Spirit360 Fellowship is the right place to take the next steps along your Spiritual Journey this lifetime is to join us live.

There’s some good news if you’re into FREE Psychic Readings, you don’t have to wait for our next All-Messages Service to get a Free Psychic Message. We offer free messages at each of our live Sunday Service.

To join us, create your FREE Spirit360 Seeker account and we’ll send you the details how to attend our Sunday Services Live via Zoom. 

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Learning to Attract Spiritual Connections

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