New York: Attunement Spiritualist Chapel

Attunement Spiritualist Chapel, Inc.

Southtowns Salt Cave
140 Pine Street
Hamburg, New York, USA

(716) 646-1501

Attunement Spiritualist Chapel is a vibrant and inclusive spiritual community that invites individuals to nurture their minds, bodies and spirits. The Chapel highlights and offers events and services centered on Spiritualist principles and beliefs. The Chapel’s mission is to grow into a thriving spiritual community that reflects Spiritualist principles and attunes with the infinite.

Attunement Spiritualist Chapel’s core belief lies in attuning with the infinite, which is founded on Spiritualist principles. They believe that spirits communicate their messages through mediums, and unity with the infinite is attainable through developing spiritual abilities such as mediumship and healing. Their emphasis on spirituality is evident in their Sunday service, which is held at 10:30 am.

The Chapel often invites well-known and respected mediums and spiritualists to deliver messages from spirits during their services, providing individuals with an opportunity to learn and develop their spiritual abilities.

Attunement Spiritualist Chapel offers various community activities. They have a page dedicated to flyers and posters for upcoming events, making it easy to download and publicize them. The community offers workshops and courses on developing spiritual abilities, meditation, prayer, and spiritual healing. Their annual events include a spiritualist camp, where individuals attend workshops, services, and connect with other like-minded individuals.

The unique feature of Attunement Spiritualist Chapel is their Spiritualist Chapel radio station. It provides listeners with uplifting and inspiring music, sermons, speeches, and book readings. The radio serves as a medium to attune listeners with spirituality.

In conclusion, Attunement Spiritualist Chapel is a community that invites individuals to develop and grow spiritually. Their mission is evident in their strong emphasis on Spiritualist principles, community activities, and unique features such as their radio station. Individuals seeking spirituality and personal growth can find a welcoming, vibrant community in Attunement Spiritualist Chapel.

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