North Carolina: Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening

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Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening

2920 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28205

(980) 292.4433

The Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening is a vibrant spiritual community that embraces people from diverse walks of life and honors the essential oneness of all beings.

Founded in 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina, the church provides a unique, inclusive spiritual journey for all who seek meaning, purpose, and joy in life. The core values of the center affirm love, acceptance, diversity, inclusion, and working together to live our best life.

The center’s mission epitomizes a global community that recognizes, honors, and nurtures the dignity and uniqueness of all people and the oneness of creation. At the heart of their teachings is the belief that life is an eternal journey that continuously unfolds and that all people can find freedom, peace, and self-realization through connection with the divine.

Therefore, members of the community encourage one another to explore spirituality and to seek knowledge, wisdom, and self-awareness.

The church offers a range of community activities, workshops, classes, and events designed to uplift and motivate individuals to unleash their fullest potential and co-create the life they want.

These activities include large-group seminars, small-group discussion sessions, and coaching sessions. Notably, the community also has a program where members give generously to support the less privileged in society.

The Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening also features a “Faces of Love” program that honors inspiring souls who have demonstrated a deep love of God, self, others, possibility and standing for what is right.

The church’s unique features include a team of seasoned spiritual leaders, a welcoming environment, and a robust online presence. The Founding Minister and Spiritual Director Reverend Christy Snow, who is an ordained Science of Mind minister with 13 years of pulpit ministry experience and more than 18 years of address sharing.

The church welcomes people from all religions and spiritual backgrounds and provides a safe, inclusive, and enriching atmosphere for personal growth. Interestingly, the church also offers live streaming of Wednesday and Sunday services for remote attendees.

In summary, the Carolina Center for Spiritual Awakening is a thriving spiritual community that offers a welcoming and uplifting environment for individuals seeking spiritual connections, self-awareness, and personal growth.

Through its mission, core values, community activities, unique features, and events, the church offers invaluable guidance and inspiration for individuals on their spiritual path.

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