0730: Becoming Spiritualist – A Beginner’s Guide

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Becoming Spiritualist is a foregone conclusion… Many who see answers at Spirit360 Fellowship have long been Spiritualists but lacked the proper framework to recognize what the tale tell signs.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares how to use this psychic empathic toolset to take control of your gift.

Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship I’m TS Hall @theStoicMedium, and I’ll be leading your service today. Spirit360 Fellowship is an online community of like-minds and kindred spirits. We practice spiritualism, but not your grandma’s a spiritualism.

becoming spiritualist in 2022 at spirit360 fellowship - banner & featured image

Opening Message from Spirit, March 20, 2022 – 0730 Service

Our opening message is a Spiritual Teaching from one of my Spirit Guides or Teachers.

To deliver this message from Spirit, I use a form of trance we call “inspirational speaking” where I step my awareness slightly aside to allow one of my spirit teachers to step into my consciousness to communicate directly with you.

Inspirational Speaking is a topic we teach our advanced students in the Old Soul Academy, our online Psychic and Healing Arts Institute.

Nathan steps forward to share a teaching. Nathan’s on my left, a Caucasian male who wears a black suit with a medical emblem on his lapel.

Nathan is a companion guide and works with me in the areas of healing.

Good morning.

I had to wait for just a moment while this entity’s mind quieted to allow me to communicate to you through him.

We often have things in our mind that we think should be a certain way and have emotional responses. But, unfortunately, the world we live in does not show up the way we think things should be.

As it is with today’s topic, “How to Become a Spiritualist,” Spiritualism is simply a process of being you.

If you remove “Spirit” from Spiritualist or Spiritualism, you find the answer to all of your questions, Spirit.

By allowing yourself to become reacquainted with your Spirit, the essence of who you are, the eternal you some call the divine or source, you are being a Spiritualist.

It is essential to understand and realize you can find everything you’re seeking within your awareness. By learning to reconnect with your spirit-self, the eternal you, your pure consciousness, decisions, and choices become informed by the higher power within your awareness.

When you rediscover Spirit, a simple thing happens regardless of any outcome. You’re happy because you’ve learned to trust yourself, your inner knowing.

Which indeed is the essence of being a Spiritualist, rediscovering and reconnecting with the “Spirit Being” that is you.

The only thing standing between you and Becoming A Spiritualist are the beliefs, attitudes, and ability to see the Spirit within.

Rediscovering Spirit is very simple, but as you well know, not at all easy.

And today is what you call the Spring Equinox. Your days are becoming longer. And as you allow yourself to enjoy the reawakening of the physical world, also start reawakening your Spirit-Self. Start cultivating this beautiful part of your awareness called your mind, for it is indeed fertile ground.

When adequately prepared, your mind will cultivate virtually anything you plant, whether consciously or unconsciously.

My highest blessings.

That was Nathan’s Spiritual Teaching.

I got a slap on the wrist for not quieting my mind quickly. So, Nathan had me do my process to quiet my mind quickly. As soon as I’m out of the way, I hear him talking about having to wait for me.

My teachers are very much like me, impatient.

Nathan didn’t show me an image today. Instead, he had me focus on remaining quiet and receptive.

Stillness Meditation Practice

Take that deep breath. Let’s do some meditation.

The meditation we practice at Spirit360 Fellowship is a ZaZen style of stillness meditation.

This total silence of the mind is the fastest way we’ve found to allow yourself to clear the Blackboard of your mind so that you can perceive those things Spiritual.

You effortlessly connect with your intuitive knowing, ESP, and spirit communication in this space.

Our meditation is a 10-minute practice. We recommend you do this practice twice each day.

Open. Oh, blessed Spirit,
the spiritual lives of my soul.
That I may be released from
the darkness over spreading me,
by the delusions of the outward senses.
That I may perceive and understand
those things Spiritual.

Guided Self-Healing Visualization

Spiritual Healing is a cornerstone of our practices at the Spirit360 Fellowship. As an Online Spiritual Church we share healing every service.

Becoming Spiritualist: A Beginner’s Guide

You can watch the video of today’s topic above or find a transcription here.

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Each Spiritual Church Service we hold an Absence Healing Service to send healing energy to several your friends and loved ones.

Psychic Mediumship Messages Service

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Intention Setting and Close

We connect across time and space with our spiritual church community with the assistance of our spirit guide and teachers.

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