Benefits of Spirituality

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The Top Five Benefits of Spirituality

More specifically, the benefits of spirituality and practice all from a Skeptical Context. And the context for this is skepticism. And skepticism is one of those things people always get weird about. Is it okay for me too? Believe anything you’re saying to be skeptical and still show up. And the answer is absolute. I prefer it that way. And the reason is that you need to understand and stand what we teach on a skills-based level to get profound results in your life.
March 12, 2023

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June 2023: Health & Wellness Month

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During June, we dig deeply into the relationship Spirituality, Health & Wellness

Spirituality & Health + Wellness

DEFINITION   💯  What is Spiritual Healing? How it works? It’s limitations…

VIBRATIONS  😎  Working with Spiritual Healing Energy.

PRACTICES  🤟🏼  Spiritual Healing methods and practices.

MYTHS  🧞‍♂️  Spiritual Healing myths that keep you ill.

Join us Sundays in June  👍  We explore Spirituality, Health & Wellbeing.

June 11: Spiritual Fitness for Empaths

spiritual fitness - spirituality and health + wellness

Imagine connecting with a community of like minds and kindred spirits who have your back, support your ambitions, facilitate your progress, and celebrate your success…