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The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment - virginia

The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

222 North Washington Street
Falls Church

(719) 930-1576

The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (CSE) is a Spiritualist church located in Falls Church, Virginia, chartered by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC).

Founded in 1969, the CSE is dedicated to proving the continuity of life after death, teaching the principles of spiritualism through the demonstration of evidence from loved ones passed.

Spiritualism, as practiced by the CSE, is founded on science. The CSE investigates, analyzes, and classifies facts and manifestations demonstrated by the spirit side of life, including public demonstrations of mediumship and healing.

The church’s community philosophy is a family of like-minded souls, working together to support all individuals in developing an awareness of their spiritual selves.

The CSE offers a wide variety of events, including their signature Psychic Saturdays, where a member of the church or visiting psychic presents a public demonstration, and the occasional public message service.

In addition, the CSE offers personal counseling, study classes, religious education classes, and healing services. On Sundays, guest speakers deliver lectures that explore spiritualism and complementary practices, with subjects ranging from the afterlife to mediumship to yoga.

They are live-streamed, providing an opportunity for members who cannot physically be present to take part in services.

The philosophy of the CSE extends beyond the church and into the community. The church hosts a number of community events, including annual book sales and a “thanksgiving in August” potluck.

The church community also reaches out to people in the community through outreach programs such as Holiday Giving and Random Acts of Kindness.

In addition, the CSE has a membership program, by which members can receive additional benefits and discounts on classes, readings, and other events. It also offers venue rentals for events.

Overall, the CSE provides a welcoming, inclusive spiritual community that encourages a personal awareness of one’s spiritual self and offers a variety of avenues for growth and exploration.

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