Finding Christmas Spirit

A Very Special Christmas Teaching

Finding Christmas Spirit is always fun for Spiritualists when you can connect with Jesu Christi for a Christmas Lesson.

December is our Spiritual Connections Month

Spirit360 Fellowship exists to bring Spiritualism to those who don’t have a local Spiritualist Church or Community in their back yard.

rediscovering christmas spirit - spiritualism 101
December 25, 2022

Finding Christmas Spirit - 2022 Edition

Spirit360 Sunday Gatherings Agenda:

  • Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship
  • Stillness Meditation Practice
  • Guided Spiritual Healing Visualization
  • LESSON: Tranced Christmas Messages from Jesus
  • Spiritualist Absence Healing Service
  • FREE Psychic Messages Service
  • Intention Setting and Closing Circle

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There's one thing for sure. You always remember Jesus' vibration and presence. Again Jesus said, "I'm happy to share a message with your group."

2022 Spiritualist Church Service
0730 Intro

This Christmas Day, 2022, we receive a lesson and teaching from Jesu Christi, whose birthdate we celebrate.

To share today’s lesson, I will use a light form of trance (channeling) we call Inspirational Speaking.

Before we start today’s lesson, I must share what I learned in preparing for today’s Spiritualist Christmas service.

Since I began my spiritual quest in 1987, I’ve heard some amazing Christmas stories told by our friends on the Spirit Side.

Since Christmas 2022 was a Sunday, I intended to have one of my Spirit Teachers share a Christmas story, a triumph of Spirit, a Christmas miracle that would inspire and even bring a tear to your eye.

I waited patiently for one of my teachers to agree. Wednesday before Christmas, I was still waiting for a story or someone to say they would work with me.

Nothing. The silence was deafening.

I began considering a Plan B.

I meditated and entered the eye of the storm to connect with Nathan and Tau Chuan Ling to devise Plan B.

As I scanned the space around me to connect with one of my Spirit Guides or Teachers, I heard a voice that said, “I will share something.”

But the entity wasn’t part of my regular crew. I touched the entity’s vibration, and it was Jesu Christi (Jesus).

I’ve known Jesus for 30-plus years. The first time I was aware of meeting him was in 1987.

He’s been around the people who taught me and worked with me directly a few times.

There’s one thing for sure. You always remember Jesus’ vibration and presence.

Again Jesus said, “I’m happy to share a message with your group.”

I freaked. My mind went crazy. I lost control so completely that I had to do a full 10-minute meditation to quiet my mind and calm my emotions enough to reconnect.

As a side note, my biggest fear was that I was being delusional.

My mind raced, “Am I full of crap?; Is this delusion?; Is this really Jesus? Am I good enough to work with Jesus?; What will everyone think?; Just who the “F” do I think I am sharing a message from Jesus on Christmas Day?”

I went through all of this, and then I finally regained control. Finally, my 30-plus years of training kicked in. After that, I was in the eye of the storm.

I reconnected with Jesus, and he said, “I promised that whenever 2 or more gather in my name, I would be there. So Sunday, I’m happy to share a lesson as you gather in my name.”

I verified with Tau Chuan Ling that this, indeed, was accurate. He gave a little bow confirming that it was. Nathan affirmed the accuracy of what happened as well.

Today, Christmas Day, 2022, we will receive a trance message from Jesus at both services.

I reconnected with Jesus on Friday before Christmas, asking him why and why now?

Jesus reminded me that we are known by the company you keep and that I keep good company ( meaning both on the Spirit Side and within our community ). A deep understanding and feeling accompanied his message that humility is a noble virtue that can be overdone and serves no one.

finding christmas spiritThe following is an edited (with permission) transcript of Jesu Christi’s 2022 Christmas day lesson delivered to those attending our 7:30am Spirit360 Fellowship Gathering. Shared using inspirational speaking by Rev. TS Hall:

“My friends, thank you for being with us in this place and at this time. Of course, you knew not that I would be here. But please know this entity, as he shares his neurotic fantasies about what today would be like, were much worse than he described. That is both his beauty and his downfall. He is humble but to a fault.

You see, he’s dedicated his life to understanding how the mind works and harnessing its power in a way where he can share peace with others.

What I say isn’t about him but about you.

As you listen to my words, I want you to notice your commentary on what I am saying. The truth I share with you today is quite simple and not complicated.

However, the path to finding this truth passes through many complicated parts of your emotions, mind, and psyche.

Within you is a world of magnificence. You’re a spiritual being seeking truth, perfection, and expression in this life in which you chose to incarnate.

And as you allow yourself to hear these simple words, I want you to realize that some of what I spoke is represented accurately in the Bible.

There are several key points I want to underline and underscore for you today.

First is an explanation of the words “These things too, you shall do and greater.” Indeed, the only limitation to what you can accomplish with your mind is one of imagination and the discipline to control it.

The second reiterates what it means to have “the faith of a mustard seed.” For within you is a brilliant seed, a seed of Spirit. Some of you are experiencing your Spirit as it brightly shines when you quiet your mind to enter what this entity calls “the eye of the storm.” But faith without training will never emerge into a plant.

Allow yourself to do the training, the work to control your mind, to calm your emotions, to go into your own closet, close the door and be unto yourself, with “self” meaning, Spirit-Self.

And the last thing I want you to ponder as you go into this new year and celebration of life is my intention when I communicated, “physician heal thyself.”

You see, this entity has been working his whole life to arrive at a specific point of his Spirit’s intent. He incarnated this lifetime to help underdogs, people who feel like underdogs in life, express themselves fully, feel safe in their world, and be empowered to take the steps and choices called forth by their Spirit.

This happens only when you take responsibility to train your mind to do your bidding instead of reacting to everything that happens in this physical world,

It’s a simple path, straight and narrow, that leads you to experience the bliss that is love, your divinity.

The path is a simple set of practices as old as time itself. Each master explains these principles and practices, each in their unique way.

As you allow yourself to begin to lose the false humility to experience the beauty and greatness of who you are, you, too, my friends, will experience what is now known as the Christmas Spirit.”

My highest blessings.

spiritual church services at spirit360 fellowship

Following is an edited (with permission) transcript of Jesu Christi’s 2022 Christmas day lesson delivered to those attending our 10:30am Spirit360 Fellowship gathering, shared using inspirational speaking by Rev TS Hall:


This is the second time I’ve used this entity’s body to communicate things in the physical world today.

It’s a habit I could grow fond of. But he has to learn to get out of his own way, removing the many fears, doubts, and concerns preoccupying his vibration and so much of his mind.

I share that as an example, so you look at your life, your existence in this incarnation, to see where you are in your own way.

What stops you from walking the path you have incarnated to walk?

We each incarnate to accomplish something specific. For me, during my last lifetime, I had a prophecy to fulfill.

I saw many things happening inside the Jewish nation, and the Jewish religious traditions were not necessarily leading them in a direction that would transform them spiritually.

I allowed myself to do the work required to set up a lifetime to fulfill the Jewish prophecy of a Messiah. I needed help from a great many people to coordinate what was to occur to fulfill the prophecy.

As you know, I did not fulfill the prophecy I incarnated to transform the Jewish people, to be their Messiah, to show them the way. Instead, because of a simple clerical error, the Jews never accepted me as the Messiah.

Because of the “miracles” I performed, which you too can perform, if you so train your mind, I became somewhat of a celebrity myth, if you will.

The Roman Empire spread across vast parts of the known world, and the slaves I encountered in the Holy Land spread a legend far and wide.

They shared stories of a man who could walk on water, heal people, raise the dead, and materialize food and wine on command. Rather remarkable.

But even with the miracles I performed, I had only scratched the surface of what is possible as a human entity.

I say unto you today, as you ponder your favorite Bible quotes of the man you know as Jesus, the teaching I most want you to focus upon is going into your own closet, closing the door, and being unto yourself.

This teaching is quoted almost verbatim in the Holy Bible.

As you learn to meditate, quiet your mind, and detach from your ego, personality, and persona, you’ll find the most beautiful place within you—a place where the divine dwells. Once you learn to get there on command, you’ll be most surprised by the future you see.

Next, as you move forward into this new year, I want you to ponder this phrase, which was mostly accurate, “but for the faith of a mustard seed, you will accomplish these things and more.”

My friends, faith gets you in the door, and practice produces results.

And as you practice your ability to control your mind, that control begins to make material in the world what you want. Whether health, wealth, harmony, or peace, you’ll be most pleased because you don’t even know what is possible with this level of mental control.

The last of the bible passages that are mostly accurate is my statement that each physician heals themselves.

Each student, seeker, person, or old soul with a physical body can learn to control their mind, calm their emotions, and manipulate energy to create an experience of being alive that they only imagine possible.

This level of control seems implausible, impossible, and a fantasy for some of you.

I suggest you examine everything you’ve learned in this life until now, which has given you the results you currently have in your life.

Areas of your life not served by your current level of knowledge can change the moment you allow yourself to be born again, to come into a new way of thinking. Or, as this entity is fond of quoting, “opening the spiritual eyes of your soul to perceive those things spiritual.”

When you do, you will indeed find magic is no longer a show you watch but how others describe how you walk your path.

Imagine next Christmas as a magical being.”

My Highest Blessings.

My thanks to Jesu Christi for reminding us to Find Christmas Spirit within ourselves.

I feel it is worth mentioning that the lessons shared at the two services are slightly different because I request the entities who teach us address those who are present with us live.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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We are not Bible based, or Pseudo-Christian (although we study and honor Jesus as a teacher and excellent healer). 

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