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We will offer live classes at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings,
Use the form below to select your preferred time-zone and day of week.

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    1. Hi Ian, Thanks for connecting. From what I can see, our London class will be the best bet. If I have right, our 7:30 PM London class will be 6:30 PM GMT. I hope that works. We will query those interested in London time if GMT will work. Chat soon, Terry

    1. Hi Terry,
      I’m in Arizona. I live in Phoenix az. What class should I attend? You mentioned on Sunday there would be a California time zone available. I’m not to access the different options. Can you assist?

      1. Hi Dawn,

        Our Wednesday class will probably work best. It’s at 7:30 LA time, which is 7:30 Phoenix time.

        After the time-change on Nov 7, I believe the classes in Az will be at 8:30.

        The Thursday classes, are at 7:30 Eastern Time which is 4:30 Az time.

  1. Hi Terry: By the time I replied to the email ‘Fall Class Preferences’ the form is no longer available. Does this mean I am unable to attend classes? Also are the 7:30pm classes PT?