EXCELerating Your Empathic Powers

EXCELerate Your Empathic Powers Unleashed

Your Empathic Powers are enhanced by these Spiritual Practices.

February is Empath Empowerment Month at the Spirit360 Fellowship.

We will be sharing tips, tools, techniques, and spiritual practices that will help you Reawaken After An Empath Shutdown. Start taking your life back in 2022 making it Your Best Year Ever.

Below you will find the recordings for our online Spiritual Church Services from February 20, 2022 – Reawakening From An Empathic Shutdown.

You will find the recordings of your messages from spirit in the Full Service recordings.

Intuitive Empath Powers Unleashed

February 27, 2022 Online Spiritual Church Services

These Spiritualist Meetings focus on EXCELerating Your Empathic Powers

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, helps you find your way back to normalcy.

EXCELerating Your Empathic Powers

Intuitive Empath Powers Unleashed

Your Empathic Powers

Today we talk about your Empathic Powers, tapping into your hidden empathic powers. But, more importantly, how you can use your abilities to eliminate your path this lifetime.

February is our Empathic Empowerment Month.

So far, we’ve looked at the Best Empath Test (a psychic empath test), followed by “Empath Protection,” protecting ourselves as Empaths?

Next, we shared how to Reawaken after an Empath Shutdown. When life becomes so overwhelming, we get stuck and disconnect.

Today, we wrap up Empath Protection Month by unleashing Your hidden Empathic Powers to create the life you want. So you experience a thriving life of happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

As you walk your path, to begin with, let’s define power. And this is one of those things in the spiritual context, which is slightly different from the physical.

Your Spiritual Power is the time gap between a thought and a result or outcome, a thought in a materialization. The more powerful you are, the more compressed the timeline.

Your Spiritual Power

To illustrate Spiritual Power, let me share with you one of the most powerful, empathic, sensitive people in history that we’ve can easily access. And that’s Jesu Christie or Jesus Christ. In the Bible, his healing was the hallmark of his ministry.

He healed in a matter of moments. He could reattach ears in a few minutes, cure leprosy, and raise the dead. His healing power was so well-known that others could touch the hem of his robe and heal themselves as a perfect expression of Spiritual Healing Power, not Jesus’ power, but the person who healed themself.

Your Spiritual Power is the time gap between thought and realization or result.

Spiritual power is your speed of materialization—the time gap between thought and realization. The more powerful you are, the shorter the time gap.

So that’s the context for today’s talk, and as empaths, there are three ways.

The Empath Empowerment Process

Please look at this as the reawakening of your power, developing your empathic abilities.

We develop our psychic and healing arts as tangible displayable psychic abilities. Then, when we learn to display on-command, verifiable skills, we access our intuitive knowing and ESP.

At Spirit360 Fellowship, we EXCELerate your Spiritual Empowerment by accelerating your progress through excellence combined to EXCELerate your Spiritual Power.

Your fulfillment and satisfaction progress because you can quiet your mind on command to access your intuitive knowing and ESP.

And that’s the part I want you to focus on as we move forward, how we fully express who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going in a three-dimensional reality experience of life. You go with it. Rediscover your spirit, your spirit for living your spirit. And your spirit guides and teachers.

And with this experience, this rediscovery, we connect with that power within us, this infinite energy, the divine self, the higher self, the universal self, the force, if you will, and you have that eliminate your way because energy does not require light to eliminate your way. So as you allow yourself to connect with your higher self with your I’m sorry, Jeager he dangers repositioning himself and his little distract that’s too much power.

Reconnecting with your Empathic Powers

He got governable, but as you allow yourself to reconnect with your spirit-self.

You connect with your source of power, freedom, and full self-expression. For you to be, you do what you came here to do, knowing why you came here to do it.

Your hidden empathic power is your perception of everything around you.

When we expand our perception and focus it within, we train and develop you to be spiritually fit through your psychic and healing arts.

Your Spiritual Powers, capabilities, and skills do so allow you then to EXCELerate, become excellent at being near, and close the gap between what you want in life and receiving it.

New job, new lover, more money, new house, new core. Compressed in time to result, materialized experience, new body, new well-being, and new health.

Mastering the 3Rs

And what it is for you to do is discover what stops you from taking action to get the result you want.

Right meditation clears the blackboard of your mind.

Right thought conjures the perfect actionable decision.

Right action immediately executes that decision, causing your desired outcome, good karma.

Closing the gap is a matter of training yourself to be magical, to be powerful, to be spiritual, to be you.

My highest blessings.

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