1030 Service: Empathic Protection Tools

empathic protection tools

This is the 07:30 AM Spiritualist Church Services at Spirit360 Fellowship, from Feb 13, 2022 when we share 3-Powerful Empathic Protection Tools for making 2022 your best year ever.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares the Spirit360 Empath Test, or a psychic empath test.

Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship – 00:00:00

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship I’m TS Hall @theStoicMedium, and I’ll be leading your service today. Spirit360 Fellowship is an online community of like-minds and kindred spirits. We practice spiritualism, but not your grandma’s a spiritualism.

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We are an independent Spiritualist Church that does what we find works and shows you how to use those techniques. So you can find spiritual solutions to life’s problems.

Opening Message from Spirit

For our opening message from spirit, I invite one of my spirit guides or teachers to share a message for our highest and best good.

This message intends to help us get grounded and set the intention for our time together today.

Cassandra steps forward to share a message.

I use a channeling method called Inspirational Speaking, a very light form of trance.

To do this, I step my consciousness aside from my awareness.

Cassandra will then step into my awareness to use my mind and body to connect with us to share a message for our highest and best good.

So many fine people meeting here today.

So much we hear about this weird weather. Is it weird or only a bit different?

The reason I ask is simply this, when you look at life, everything that lies before you and has passed behind you, do you compare what you see against now or against some other idea or concept in your head?
This thing of technology seems to be a topic today.

I mention technology is because if it weren’t for technology, we would not be connecting here and now.

But too often, you rely exclusively on technology, instruments, gadgets, toys, and “devices,” as this entity says, to get the answers, which you can easily find within.

You look for the answer to this, but you look outside of you.
You look for the solution for that, but it’s outside of you.

Imagine life if you woke up every day knowing what lies before you.
Then consciously take each step, knowing exactly where it will take you.

Imagine your life never being surprised by the headlines coming across your device, the actions taken by crazy people, or what’s happening in your backyard.

Allow yourself to reconnect gently with your awareness within. As you do so, you may be most surprised at what you can know before it happens.

The highest of which, the most honorable of which will be knowing yourself.

Bye for now.

That’s Cassandra.

Cassandra lived in the pre-Civil War era. She was a powerhouse of a woman. What she said in her communities was law.

During her message, she showed me the image of a snowman. The snow was snowing so hard that the snowman was starting to disappear under the new snowfall. I’ve never been in that much snow in my life, but the snowman was still intact under the fresh snow.

Stillness Meditation Practice

We practice a zazen style of stillness meditation as part of every Spiritualist Church Service so we can share this experience as a community.

Guided Self-Healing Visualization

Spiritual Healing is a cornerstone of our practices at the Spirit360 Fellowship. As an Online Spiritualist Church we share healing every service.

Empathic Protection Tools Transcript

You can watch the talk in the video above or find the transcript here.

empathic protection tools

The psychic empathic test we teach in the Old Soul Academy will empower you to create a thriving life

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Intention Setting and Closing Circle

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