3-Powerful Empathic Protection Tools

3-powerful psychic empathic protection tools

February is Empath Empowerment Month at the Spirit360 Fellowship.

We will be sharing tips, tools, techniques, and spiritual practices that will help you master your empathic gifts to pave the way for making 2022 Your Best Year Ever..

Below you will find the recordings for our online Spiritual Church Services from February 13, 2022 – Empathic Protection Tools.

You will find the recordings of your messages from spirit in the Full Service recordings.

3-powerful psychic empathic protection tools

February 13, 2022 Online Spiritual Church Services

These Spiritualist Meetings focus on Empathic Protection Tools

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares why we are returning to connection and intimacy during our Spirit360 Fellowship Sunday Services.

3 Powerful Empathic
Protection Tools Transcript

3-powerful psychic empathic protection tools

Today’s talk is number two in our Empath Month Series.

The topic is Empath Protection: Three Powerful Tools to Help You Feel Protected As An Empath or HSP.

Today we share three powerful tools to help you feel safe and secure within your vibration to embrace your empathic experience.

Many who find their way to Spirit360 Fellowship are empathic or highly sensitive. We do this intentionally and by design.

So many of us feel like underdogs in life. We are hyper-aware of what goes on around us but feel powerless to change things.

Empaths and HSP are excellent spiritual healers because our empathic abilities help us perceive and recognize the feelings and experiences of others.

Often, we don’t trust ourselves to know what to do with this information, and sharing what we perceive seldom goes well.

Self-conscious, alone, and isolated, we take things personally, holding everything in feeling like the only way to survive is to become a chameleon, hiding in plain sight.

Blending in, we feel and experience everything so much to please others we often forget how to connect and be with ourselves.

Today’s topic shares the tools to protect our sense of self, our beingness, and oneness with who we are.

These simple tools work together in three-part harmony for spiritual protection.

First: Be Still and Know.
Second: A Talismans or Token.
Third: Mastering Your Psychic Superpower.


Empaths and HSP must learn how to become still enough to know.

By learning to quiet our minds and calming our emotions on command, we become the eye of the storm seeing things as they are.

Creating the eye of the storm clears the blackboard of the mind. We reconnect with our knowing in this place of quiet receptivity and thinking tranquility.

Being in the moment, here and now, we can discern what’s our stuff versus the stuff of others. This discernment allows us to know how best to proceed with our next step.

Said differently:
Right Meditation is the quickest way to be still.
Right Thought helps us know our next best step (make an actionable decision).
Right Action takes that step.

To elaborate on Right Thinking, in the eye of the storm, we see the difference between our intuitive knowing and our survival instincts. We pierce the veils of delusion to know our next step.

Right Thinking includes:
What do I want?
What’s my intention.
What do I want to create?
Is now the best time to cause this outcome?
What price am I willing to pay to get this outcome?

Forearmed with the information you need, we can reveal our true nature confidently to do what is right for us to do. Of course, taking action may cause us pain and discomfort. But, it’s nothing compared to the anguish of being stuck.


The second tool is a simple way to remind yourself that you’re in control. That you have the power to touch stillness on command, get grounded, and stay present.

Since the dawning of humanity’s consciousness, talismans and tokens have been symbols, physical reminders, of our values and beliefs.

Empath Protection Necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry serve as anchors or touchstones, reminding us to be still and know.

Historically, these talismans have been called worry stones, worry beads, prayer beads, touchstones, birthstones, or good luck pieces.

When touched, they serve to remind you of some intention or practice.

There is no magic in the talisman. The only magic lies in the intention and actions you are reminded of.

If I were to get one, that would be a crystal that matches my vibration (with my eyes closed, it feels good, smooth, buttery, harmonious, disappearing into my essence).

Then I would cut and highly polish a thin section from the crystal perpendicular to its C axis.

I would wear this crystal as an Empath Protection Necklace so it lays over the notch in my collar bone.

Empaths and sensitives often find themselves overwhelmed, drowning in an ocean of feelings, emotions, fears, and discomfort forgetting who we are.

We can find peace by having a real-world, physical, three-dimensional disruption that breaks the cycle of stuckness that keeps us miserable.


The empath protection tool helps us know we’re present and grounded in the eye of the storm.

The third tool is displaying your psychic superpower on command.

Many spiritual practices focus on long periods of meditation, sitting for 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 minutes at least once a day.

The meditation practice at Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy is only 10 minutes, twice daily. We do this to train you to find stillness quickly. Then, once you’ve practiced being still, we have you spend time in a place of quiet receptivity and thinking tranquility, developing your skills in the psychic and healing arts.

The psychic and healing arts include intuition, ESP, energy work, and spirit communication (mediumship). Verifiable, displayable psychic abilities only happen when you’re in the eye of the storm.

Rather than having you wonder if you’re progressing during long meditation practices, we have you train yourself to touch stillness quickly, then display evidence that you’re there with verifiable techniques.

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums, so intuitive and ESP development is where we start. We each have at least one psychic ability that comes naturally to us. I call this your psychic superpower.

My psychic superpower is psychokinesis (PK). PK is the ability to move objects with psychic energy deliberately.

If I’m upset and bothered, I can pull out my pinwheel, enter the eye of the storm, move it, then find my way out of the upsetting circumstance.

Moving the pinwheel removes all doubt. But, of course, if I’m not present, it won’t move.

My physical senses see unmistakable evidence that I am present, seeing things as they are in the eye of the storm.

Now I can do the Right Thinking that will inform my next step to get the result that forwards my progress along my spiritual path.

The more time you spend practicing touching stillness, the more effortlessly you find your way into the eye of the storm. This practice is the shortest path to enlightenment.

Displaying your psychic abilities on command in undeniable ways removes all doubt that you’re spiritually connected.

You know. And you know that you know.


You’re walking your path with confidence. But, then, life being life, a weird situation that takes us by surprise, catches us off guard.

Triggered, you enter the swirl of overwhelm, stuck, frozen in place.

You touch your talisman, which reminds you to meditate.

After meditation, you’re still uncertain, so you demonstrate your psychic superpower.

You’ve reached absolute stillness.

In a state of overwhelm and you’ve taken the offensive, touched stillness in no uncertain terms, and now you’re ready to take on life on your terms.

A touchstone or talisman reminds you to be still and know and, or display your psychic superpower to know you’re in the eye of the storm. By showing unmistakable evidence of your psychic gifts, you know you will see things as they are.

Learning to be still and knowing you’re one with your spirit-self, free from fear and doubt, at your discretion, puts you in the seat of power.

You become master of your vessel, confidently creating a thriving life of purpose at work expressing: Who you are, knowing why you’re here, on a path to your chosen destination, regardless of outside circumstances.

My highest blessings.

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