December 22, 2023

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spirit shorts newsletter by spirit360 fellowship

🫶 Ending Empath Discord — #SpiritShorts

Dear Old Souls,

When is NOW the right time to start living life abundantly?

You want abundance, harmony, and peace, but you face conflict and discord everywhere you turn, even with that person who greets you in the mirror daily.

Many in our community of empaths, highly sensitive persons, and intuitive feelers experience a bombardment of feelings, energy, and emotions, mostly from others, or is it our stuff we’re perceiving?

To find relief, we turn to many places. Most of them are temporary at best. You most likely turned to the Spirit360 Fellowship to find solutions to the conflicts and discord that keep you stuck.

2023 2-Minutes  Performance Appraisal — Was 2023 Your Best Year Ever?

This week we take an objective look at 2023 as a spting board for making 2024 our best yeat ever.

Join the fun via zoom at 07:30 or 11:30 AM, PST

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Old Soul Academy’s core curriculum has been launched. Learn more under the “Classes” Main Menu Tab.

Spirituality 101 shares the timeless Philosophy, Principles, and Practices we’ve found to work to start taking control of your life by training your mind to do as you instruct, on command, to navigate your life’s journey after experiencing your spiritual awakening on your quest towards Nirvana.

It explores the idea of human beings as spiritual beings having multiple lifetimes, the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and the exploration of personal and tribal truths.

Spirituality 101 introduces the Three R’s Process to develop objective discernment and create positive outcomes in life.

Plus, HOMEWORK; the most critical aspect of taking control of your life.

Click Here to go there now.

🫶 Live Development Circles

Old Soul Academy Live Circles is on Winter Break and resume 9 Jan, 2024.

🫶 Finding Peace...

The cost of not finding peace is that your 2024 will be a carbon copy of 2023, 2022, 2021… You get the picture; you’ve lived it since before puberty.

Indeed, the problems you deal with will undoubtedly change, but your reactions probably won’t unless you get some training.

Is NOW the time to train yourself to Master your mind, emotions, energy, and LIFE?

Spirituality practices train us to avoid overwhelming and draining experiences by training our minds to properly categorize our intuition while discerning the right action to take with our knowledge.


We learn to detach from the intensity of our feelings and the emotions of those around us.

We cultivate our unique gifts in the safe and supportive space of the Spirit360 Fellowship while learning how to work with them in a way that benefits us and the world around us.

At the core of everything is your Spirit’s Intent, which, with proper training, you rediscover.

Awareness of purpose is a cornerstone of ending empath discord.

🫶 The Empath's Gifts

When asked, “Who Are Empaths?” we respond: “The world’s conduits for healing, understanding, and Spiritual understanding.”

Empaths are people with a rare gift of empathizing, resonating, and connecting with the energy around them amidst all its buzzing excitement and activity, even in the stillness of the world and their surroundings.

In many cases, empaths are healers, counselors, and guides to others trying to navigate life’s journey while feeling overwhelmed by their feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

For empaths, perceiving the energy and emotions around us feels like drinking from a wide-open fire hose.

Mastering the psychic and healing arts helps us learn essential self-care tools and techniques and is what Jesus referred to when he said, “Physician heal thyself.”

Self-awareness helps us understand who we are thus ending empath discord.

🫶 Rediscovering Your Spirit's Intent

Self-care allows us to rediscover our answer to “Who are empaths.” By doing so, we can better serve others, and our role in the world becomes more amplified.

Training in the psychic and healing arts develops spiritual fitness for empaths. It opens the door to communication with our Spirit Guides and Teachers, who help us know what to do and should not do with the information we “know” from and about others.

Within the Eye of the Storm, spiritual resiliency and strength slay the demons of self-doubt amplified by fear and distrust to reveal our Spirit’s Intent or our life’s purpose.

The Spirit360 empath test is simple, but objective in measuring your unique empathic abilities to heal, cause, and counsel… in alignment with Who we are, Why we’re here, and Where we’re going!

Ending empath discord is sustainable with proper self-care.

When you’re ready to walk your path boldly and with skills-based confidence, we’re prepared to walk alongside you as we travel our “individual and personal” spiritual journeys together.

All My Love,
Rev ts Hall