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Today’s recording shows you the Enlightened Path to Happiness. This is our 0730 Spiritualist Church Service for March 06, 2022 Spiritualist Church Service at the Spirit360 Fellowship.

Your life today is the direct result of your choices, decisions, actions and results to date.

These choices began while you we on the other-side. While you were still a Spirit Entity, you choose parents that would give you the best opportunity to setup and learn the next lessons needed to advance toward Nirvana, your individual, personal spiritual perfection.

You were born into a set of laws, rules, regulations, standards, and ideals that created your understanding of our world.

Spiritual Growth and development is the conscious examination of every belief that governs your life. Then consciously keeping what works and replacing what doesn’t.

Spiritualist Church Service Recording

tsHall, @theStoicMedium examines an Outlaw’s Approach to Enlightenment.

Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship I’m TS Hall @theStoicMedium, and I’ll be leading your service today. Spirit360 Fellowship is an online community of like-minds and kindred spirits. We practice spiritualism, but not your grandma’s a spiritualism.

the enlightened path to happiness is lawless - featured image

Opening Message from Spirit, March 06, 22 – 0730 Service

For our opening message, I invite one of my spirit guides and teachers to share a message for those present for the Spiritual Church Service that will help us set the tone and create the context for our time together.

To receive this message from spirit, I use a light form of trance we call inspirational speaking (some call this channeling).

I step my awareness slightly to the side, and one of my friends on the spirit-side steps into my vibration. My job is to repeat what they say to me without variation.

Tau Chuan Ling steps forward for today’s message. He’s my High Spiritual Teacher, a Chinese Priest of the Green Jade Priesthood who stands on my right.

Tau Chuan Ling helps me stay focused on purpose and make progress towards enlightenment by accomplishing what I incarnated to experience this incarnation.

Hello my friends,

We meet yet again on a new day, a new way of seeing things, but only if we consciously choose.

I could not help but smile at the conversation earlier about this time change. Today this entity wants you to understand how each one of you has a specific way of doing things.
You do things a specific way. You understand things a particular way as you walk your path this lifetime.

Now the question arises, “How do you get the results you want, find happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction of being fully present at this moment?

You perceive rules that limit you, govern your thoughts, inform your decisions and inspire your actions.

There are many types of laws. The laws of man. The laws of science. The laws of spirit. Then there is your interpretation of these laws. How you navigate this “legal system” that will help you or hinder your progress from accomplishing what you incarnated to bring about this lifetime.

To achieve the highest is to allow yourself to discover what is important to you and what matters most to you.

The 3Rs: Right Meditation, Right Thought, Right Action, emphasizing actions. Action causes results, and results have consequences. That, my friends, as you know, is the definition of karma cause and effect.

Breaking whatever laws constraining you from achieving good karma, positive results, the outcomes you want to experience helps you know that enlightenment is much closer than imagined.

My highest blessings.

Tau Chuan Ling showed me an image of a crosswalk. The little sign that said walk or nothing was on the crosswalk corner across the street. Below the word walk was a countdown timer 10, 9, 8. Informing me as to how much time remained to be safe.

I was standing on the corner debating whether I had time to safely make it across the crosswalk and play by all the rules. But instead, I experienced a feeling that combined defiance and confidence. And if you’ve never been to California before, pedestrians rule and think they own the streets.

Pedestrians in California step off the curb expecting the whole world to stop for them. So it’s this little, you know, and that’s not how it is in the rest of the country, you step off the curb, and people speed up, not slow down, seemed like, okay, so welcome.

Our Opening Message from Spirit is now complete.

Stillness Meditation Practice

This is our meditation practice.

We practice a ZaZen style of meditation at the Spirit360 Fellowship and Old Soul Academy. We’ve found this practice to be the quickest way to erase the noise from the blackboard of our mind allowing us to perceive things spiritually within our awareness.

If you are doing any other meditation practice, continue doing those and add this stillness practice to your regimen.

Our Stillness Meditation Practice is 10-minutes. We recommend you do this practice twice daily. We begin with five minutes of focused concentration and five minutes of silence (absence of thought).

In a moment, I’ll say Reverend Bradley’s requested. You’re welcome to say it along with me. But, if not, listen to the words and allow them to set the intention and tone for this meditation practice.

When you hear the bell, hold an image in your mind’s eye, excluding all other thoughts.

I use the abstract spot about an inch and a half in diameter, and I hold the spot in my mind’s eye. Then, if it drifts away, I refocus to bring it back.

I’m non-visual, so I’ve never seen the spot in 30 plus years, but I pretend, imagine, and know it’s there, so it’s there. If you’re non-visual, imagine the spot being there, and it will be. Not as a visual thought-form, but a thought-form that works for you.

At the end of five minutes, you’ll hear a bell. And on that bell, release the one thought and drift into not thinking.

Take a deep breath.

And as you take that deep breath, remember we’re going to go from many thoughts to one thought then to not thinking.

Reverend Bradley’s Request

Open. Oh, blessed Spirit,
the spiritual lives of my soul.
That I may be released from
the darkness over spreading me,
by the delusions of the outward senses.
That I may perceive and understand
those things Spiritual.

Guided Self-Healing Visualization

Spiritual Healing is a cornerstone of our practices at the Spirit360 Fellowship. As an Online Spiritual Church we share healing every service.

An Enlightened Path to Happiness

You can watch the video of today’s topic above or find a transcription here.

the lawless path to spiritual enlightenment featured image

Ask Me Anything: Q&A

Live attendees can ask Rev tsHall, @theStoicMedium anything.

Absence Healing Service

Each Spiritual Church Service we hold an Absence Healing Service to send healing energy to several your friends and loved ones.

Spirit Messages Service

We attendee at our spiritual church service is offered a psychic/spirit message for their highest and best good.

  • Psychic Message for James C
  • Psychic Message for Lizbeth S
  • Psychic Message for Paige
  • Psychic Message for Nicole T
  • Psychic Message for Michelle A
  • Psychic Message for Victor
  • Psychic Message for Ms H
  • Psychic Message for Rosamaria
  • Psychic Message for Beverly
  • Psychic Message for Louise
  • Psychic Message for Robin S
  • Psychic Message for Susan C
  • Psychic Message for Robin H
  • Psychic Message for Tracy T
  • Psychic Message for Yvette
  • Psychic Message for Cheryl W
  • Psychic Message for Jody B
  • Psychic Message for Jamie M
  • Psychic Message for Vickie S
  • Psychic Message for Gypsy

Intention Setting and Close

We connect across time and space with our spiritual church community with the assistance of our spirit guide and teachers.

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