Enlightened Shadow Work | Spiritual Church | Aug 29, 2021

the light side of shadow work

The answer to why you’re Spiritual AF, but keep attracting toxic people into your life.

0730 Spiritualist Service
August 29, 2021

Enlightened Shadow Work

Spiritual growth practices allow you to see your way past the shadows keeping you stuck and start thriving …

1030 Spiritualist Service
August 29, 2021

The Enlightened Path to Shadow Work

The path within expands the light your awareness to remove shadows so your find happiness.

Sunday Spiritual Church Services at Spirit360 Fellowship..

For our August 29, 2021 Services, learn how spiritual growth practices expand the light of your awareness to diminish the shadows that keep you stuck.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares how to develop 360-degree spiritual awareness the expands the light of your awareness to stop the shadows of your soul from stopping you.

PLUS Experience:

  • An opening spirit guide message

  • A Stillness Meditation Practice
  • A 
Guided Self-Healing Visualization
  • An 
Absence Healing Service
  • Receiving Psychic 
Mediumship Messages Service
Setting Your Week’s Intention

Every Sunday (except for the 5th Sunday) Spirit360 Fellowship offers 
two live, online spiritualist church services via Zoom. Join us at 7:30 and/or 10:30 AM, Pacific Time.

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  1. The Enlightened Path to Shadow Work: Wow, this was an amazing video! I missed class tonight, was led to this video, I believe I was supposed to hear this. I went through shadow work about a year ago. I jumped into too many things at once. Being new and all, this certainly did wipe me out. I had no motivation except that I loved Spirit and wanted to continue on my journey with a sincere emotion and a wanting to learn and so it is. Half a year later here I am with all of you special people. Rev. Hall thank you for sharing this video. It spoke to my inner being and provided healing too!

    1. Yay! Thank you for letting me know. It was an interesting one to ponder and map the concepts of shadow work onto spiritualism and our spiritual growth practices. I’m so glad you’ve found us.