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1030 Spirit360 Service: Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

April is Spiritual Awakening Month at the Spirit360 Fellowship.

  • April 03: Tests for Spiritual Awakening
  • April 10: Spiritual Awakening Stages & Symptoms
  • April 17: Spiritualist Easter 2022: Awaken Spiritually
  • April 24: Spiritual Awakening Experiences (Good, Bad & Ugly)

This week we look at the gap between brain and mind, body and spirit, brain and mind that causes Divine Madness, the mastery of which is our path to freedom.

Order of Service

  • Welcome
  • Opening Message
  • Meditation & Self-Healing
  • Instructional Message – Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening
  • Announcements
  • Absence Healing Service
  • Mediumship Messages Service
  • Intention Setting & Close

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Apr 24 2022


10:30 am - 12:15 pm