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Fraternal Spiritualist Church

4720 Kensington Drive
San Diego, CA 92116

+1 (619) 281-4557


This spiritual community offers a variety of classes, events and healing services aimed at empowering individuals to develop their intuitive and spiritual gifts.

Some core beliefs and activities include:

Spiritual healing is a key focus, with classes offered by Pastor Kimberly Hicks on the laws and practices of spiritual healing in Spiritualist churches. This indicates healing is a central tenet.

Developing intuition is another main theme, with classes designed to help participants recognize and interpret spiritual messages they are receiving.

This suggests a belief that all individuals have intuitive abilities that can be cultivated.

The church provides opportunities for members to receive personal spiritual messages through their “Angel Touch” program, where experienced mediums provide 10-minute readings.

This service allows the community to access spiritual insight and guidance.

While the exact statement of beliefs is not spelled out, the activities portray a church that embraces spiritual healing, intuitive development, and communication with the spirit world as pathways for personal and spiritual growth.

Classes and events are aimed at empowering individuals to have a direct connection with the divine.

The church seems to have an open and inclusive feel, with a variety of ongoing spiritual development opportunities for both members and the public. Community gatherings like the annual membership meeting point to an engaged membership.

Overall, for those drawn to Spiritualism and looking to develop their spiritual gifts in a welcoming community, the Fraternal Spiritualist Church appears to offer empowering teachings, an embrace of spiritual healing, and a belief that anyone can connect with divine guidance.

The hands-on classes, events and services provide avenues to have personal experiences with the spirit world.

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