California: Golden Gate Spiritualist Church

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Golden Gate Spiritualist Church

1901 Franklin Street
San Francisco, California 94109

+1 (415) 885-9976


The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church, located in San Francisco, has been a preeminent center for Spiritualism since its founding in 1924.

Spiritualism is a unique religion that emphasizes the belief that communication can occur between the living and those who have passed away, through the gifts of mediumship.

At the core of their beliefs lies the idea that life is continuous, that every individual possesses a soul that lives beyond bodily death, and that spirit communication can provide beneficial guidance and healing for both the living and their departed loved ones.

The church offers a variety of events, services, and classes that cater to individuals with different interests and levels of familiarity with the denomination. Every Sunday, in-person and zoom services are held, hosted by a different medium or guest speaker who shares messages from spirit and imparts insights into Spiritualist teachings.

For those who desire to hone their skills with psychic and mediumship abilities, the church offers development circles, where attendees can receive guidance and mentorship from experienced mediums. Moreover, those who seek to further their education in the area can attend classes and workshops conducted by experts in their fields.

The community aspect of the church is particularly noteworthy, as it helps members find peace, support, and friendship through shared experiences. Monthly open circles are held where anyone can attend and connect with others who share their beliefs.

The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church also offers various community services, including spiritual and energy healing, mediumship demonstrations, grief support, and bereavement counseling.

The church is unique in its offerings as it caters to individuals who are old souls, empaths, highly sensitive persons or intuitive feelers. The Golden Gate Spiritualist Church emphasizes building confidence by demonstrating the psychic and healing abilities of its members in verifiable ways.

This focus on competency-based confidence leads to increased skill level, diminished delusions, and greater self-efficacy, allowing individuals to take charge of their lives and fulfill their spirit’s intent.

In essence, the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church offers a welcoming, supportive and nurturing environment for individuals to explore, learn, and develop their psychic and spiritual gifts.

It is a spiritual community where individuals can find peace, healing, friendship and supportive individuals who have similar beliefs and experiences.

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