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spiritualism 101: god is - 3 religious myths that keep you stuck
January 19, 2020

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Spiritualism vs Religion: The Religious Myths That Keep You Feeling Stuck and Trapped.

There’s a Hindu proverb: “Life’s great mysteries: air to birds, water to fish, and man to himself. Spiritualism, when relieved of its religious dogma, become humanity’s original spirituality.

God Is

Spiritualism vs Religion is opening the spiritual eyes of your soul to experience spirit directly VS a set of morality based rules and regulations intended to control our animal nature rather then help us grow spiritually.

Spiritualism allows you to experience what the great spiritual masters all knew, you’ll understand the difference between spiritualism and religion, between the signal and the noise.

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship where we teach spiritualism as a whole being, spirit-based process so discover your unique path to a happy and thriving life.

3 Religious Myths That Keep You Feeling Stuck and Trapped are…

∞ Love – acceptance. Religion concerns itself with the morals of others – spiritualism with walking our paths in alignment with our values and beliefs.

∞ God – not a who but rather a what. What is god? God is. Religion use God to justify their rules and dogma. Spiritualism seeks to find and understand the true nature of God which is found within.

∞ Heaven and Hell – religion seeks to control behavior with eternal consequences. Spiritualism seeks to walk a path of harmony here and now.

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This either makes perfect sense to you or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, very little will ever change your ability to comprehend these simple truths. If it does, and you want to pursue a direct spiritual experience, we’ve created Old Soul Academy to get you started. You can join us in our Facebook group or at https://oldsoul.academy to preregister for classes.