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Healing Miracles Today Paradox - spiritualism explains
November 14, 2021

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Causing Healing Miracles Today

There is a paradox in causing Healing Miracles Today…

This paradox is unique to you, the belief is the barrier that causes disharmony and disease.

This week’s service shows you how to discover your individual paradox that thwarts your ability to cause healing miracles.

The Spirit360 Way is a path within that allows you to create spiritual solutions to life’s problems.

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Within your awareness is a clue to the paradox of restoring health, wellness, harmony and complete peace of mind in your life.

The Spiritualist Church Services at Spirit360 Fellowship, on November 28, 2021 we show you how to discover the belief that limits your ability to cause health, harmony, complete peace of mind, and wellness.

Once you discover this belief you will see the paradox to bringing about Healing Miracles Today in your life.

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