North Carolina: HeartLight Spiritual Center

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HeartLight Spiritual Center

7300 Mallard Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28262

​(704) 599-1180

HeartLight Spiritual Center is a community for those seeking a “spiritual not religious” practice that honors diversity, believes in the sacred worth of all people, and welcomes all faiths, ethnicities, and cultures.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the center offers Sunday and Wednesday services, prayer and meditation groups, and a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth and community involvement.

At the heart of HeartLight’s mission is the belief in the power of love and the potential for individuals to develop a deeper connection with their higher selves and the divine.

The center draws from both Eastern and Western philosophies, acknowledging the complementary nature of science and spirituality and the evolution of consciousness from the linear to the vertical.

The community also recognizes the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age and the need for spiritual practices that align with this new era.

In addition to regular services, HeartLight offers a safe haven for individuals seeking healing and personal growth. Prayer requests are welcomed, and the center provides a space for individuals to connect with like-minded individuals and participate in workshops, classes, and volunteer opportunities.

Members of the community can also become involved through volunteer opportunities and building relationships with other members of the community.

The church has a qualified ministry team made up of dedicated individuals with a passion for serving others. Reverend Rebecca Nagy, Minister Emerita, is an inspirational speaker, spiritual director, meditation coach, and spiritual teacher who has led congregations for the past 21 years.

Tim McLendon is the current Spiritual Director and his passion for supporting individuals to achieve their goals with spirit, passion, and integrity has been a boon to the community.

Overall, HeartLight Spiritual Center is the perfect place for anyone seeking to explore their spiritual path in a welcoming and diverse community.

Whether you are new to spiritual practices or looking to deepen your existing practice, HeartLight has something to offer. The church is an embodiment of love, acceptance, and spiritual growth, and the perfect place for anyone to call home.

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