Are Heaven and Hell Real

Consider this Spiritualist's Perspective

A Spiritualist Looks at Heaven & Hell

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At Spirit360 Fellowship, we believe: Heaven and Hell are real and exist as states of mind, here and now.

A state of mind, way of being—here and now

  • Let’s call him Aaron. from Utah.
  • Mormon, Gay, electro-shock. A journey not a destination
  • Mark Twain — “I understand that when you go to Heaven you will study and progress, you study and progress and study and progress and if that isn’t Hell I don’t know what would be”.

Living in Heaven – Harmony, effortless effort.

  • Harmony, spiritual laws, self, inner voice, a knowing
  • inclusion NOT exclusive
  • Aaron sent to San Francisco for his mission…Luke 17:21 – Lo, heaven is nei
  • ther here nor there. Lo, heaven is within you.

Living Hell – right-wrong, good-bad,

  • Disregarding intuitions, feelings, knowings
  • Aaron gets HIV but never AIDS. All friends die.
  • Proof God, church, family hate him, his behavior. Excommunicated by church – hates who he is…
  • Some barrier between you and what feels right for you

Your spiritual journey and NOT your destination

  • you’ll get there, in-time and on-time
  • nirvana, the right hand of god, perfection, of your choosing
  • As for Aaron, he lives alone in Utah with the HIV virus, reflecting on a long life of good, bad; right, wrong; seeking to be here & now…
  • What about you? Are you choosing heaven our hell? What are your doing about it?