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heaven description by a spiritualist
September 5, 2021

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Heaven Description by Design

The Spirit360 Way is a spiritual journey that blazes a trail into your awareness so you experience heaven on earth.

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Experiencing Heaven on Demand

As Spiritualist’s we create a Heaven Description that is individual and personal.

Is it worthwhile doing the work to Rediscover Your Spirit and experience Heaven on Earth walking your path as a god.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares how to develop 360° spiritual awareness so you walk you path toward enlightenment with confidence and esteem.

2023 Your Best Year Ever

December Topics: Winning 2023 w/ a 2-Minute Offense

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During December we do the work to finish 2023 powerfully setting the stage for an even better 2024…

  • Dec 3: A Spiritual Journey’s End
  • Dec 10: Spirituality & Practice
  • Dec 17: Spirituality for Beginners Mind
  • Dec 24: Spiritual Performance Appraisal
  • Dec 31: A Spiritual Path to Freedom

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spiritual journeys end on the proper spiritual path to freedom

Imagine connecting with a community of like minds and kindred spirits who have your back, support your ambitions, facilitate your progress, and celebrate your success…


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