October 06, 2023

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Hello all,

Netflix recently released The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

The story is about two gentlemen who learned to see without using their physical eyes.

What’s remarkable about the story is they share the practice they used to develop this psychic ability.

The practice will be familiar if you’ve been an Old Soul Academy student.

I recommend watching this short story — 39 minutes and trust whatever you feel compelled to do with the information.

I’m redoubling my commitment to mastering my focus and concentration because, in 1987, I met my version of Henry Sugar, who inspired me to develop my psychic and healing abilities.

But over time, I lost sight (pun intended) of the essential element of psychic development that the Henry Sugar story cleverly reminded me of absolute concentration on a single thought.

I’m considering hosting a watch party for this film. Stay tuned for when.

Here is the audio book for “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” by Roald Dahl

Meet Kuda Bux – the man who can see without his eyes…

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This month, we delve into Non-Religious Spirituality and the transition techniques to help you take your life back.