Holiday Guide to Surviving Sarcasm

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For many, the holidays are defined by a constant barrage of sarcasm, insults and confrontation…

This barrage often leaves us feeling less than, unappreciated and exhausted.

This week we show you the practices and exercise to help you transcend the feeling of being less than and belittled.

07:30 Spiritualist Church Service: Surviving Sarcasm

0730 Spiritual Church Service | November 21, 2021 | Holiday Sarcasm Survival Guide

Imagine being unaffected by sarcasm, insults and confrontation…

0730 Full-Service Video: Surviving Sarcasm

10:30 Spiritual Church Service: Surviving Sarcasm

1030 Spiritualist Church Service | November 21, 2021: Sarcasm Survival Guide

There is a simple way to survive the deep cuts of sarcasm, insults and confrontation.

1030 Full-Service Video: Surviving Sarcasm

The Spiritualist Church Services, on November 21, 2021 we show you how to become immune to sarcasm, insults and confrontation.

Sarcasm survival is essential to maintain a mindful state of harmony.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares how to develop 360-degree spiritual awareness that expands your awareness to stop insults, sarcasm and confrontation from taking you out of the game.

Sunday Spiritualist Church Services at Spirit360 Fellowship.

PLUS Experience:

  • An opening spirit guide message

  • A Stillness Meditation Practice
  • A 
Guided Self-Healing Visualization
  • An 
Absence Healing Service
  • Receiving Psychic 
Mediumship Messages Service
Setting Your Week’s Intention

Every Sunday, Spirit360 Fellowship offers 
two live, online spiritualist church services via Zoom. Join us at 7:30 and/or 10:30 AM, Pacific Time.


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  1. I try very hard to not think about it. I released and let go of all of my past shit. I have come along way. Some day I will share. I have a son and a daughter, so when they were living with me holidays were my thing. I loved Christmas time. I made sure Christmas tree was loaded down with presents for them. Through all the bad as well. Now they are no longer living with me. My son works in NYC with his girlfriend, my daughter lives like a half hour away from me.  They both are not here at my house so basically I am alone. I work on not staying depressed because of this. Holidays now are not the same as they were.