Holiday Self Care Tips

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Change your predictable holiday future with theses Holiday Self Care Tips.

November is our 2022 Holiday Survival Guide

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2022 holiday predictions
November 20, 2022

2022 Holiday Self Care Tips

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TSB Journaling provides the consciousness training needed to create a thriving life.

2022 Holiday Self-Care Tips

The best way to create your best holidays is to make your future, and creating your ideal future is the best way to predict it.

And the context for today’s topic is self-care. We look at the best ways we can create our future? So we experience holiday self-care and have 2022 be our  best holidays ever.


The holidays are hectic, with many things happening, most of which are beyond our control.

2022 Holiday Prediction #1

Unless consciously created, your 2022 holiday season will be a repeat of the holidays past.

2022 Holiday Prediction #2

You will prioritize everyone else’s needs, placing your health, peace of mind, and well-being at the bottom of the list.

2022 Holiday Prediction #3

Your spiritual growth and development practices and progress will suffer.

Sound familiar? This is your probable and almost certain 2022 holiday future is one of being too busy and distracted to do the things that help you thrive, ensuring history repeats itself, and starting the new year exhausted.

Do You Want to Make 2022 Your Best Holiday Season Ever?

If so, let’s get busy changing what’s possible.

Changing your holiday future starts by considering the possibility of extreme self-care. What does self-care mean to you, feel like, and look like? The more clearly you know what you want in the future, the more accurately you can create that future in the real world.

Step 1: Summon your wizardry

Stop, Drop, and Know, then Do is the quickest way to find your magic.

Stop: Consciously choose to stop the action. Take a timeout to connect and regroup.

Drop: Find and enter the eye of the storm.

Know: Represence yourself to Who you are, Why you’re here, and Where you’re going. Consider your possible next steps from this context, then make an intuitively informed, actionable decision.

Do: Take that action as your next step now.

What makes this process magic is the speed you can train yourself to make intuitively informed decisions, with practice, in less than a minute.

The hardest part with magical solutions is noticing when we need to take a timeout—stopping the action while life is careening out of control.

Once you stop the action, train yourself to take a deep breath, create a spot, and breathe out over six or eight seconds, dropping into the eye of the storm while the image disappears.

Within the eye of the storm, connect with your intuitive knowing to identify your possible next steps (your options), take a moment to see the outcome of each possibility, and decide then act.

Daily Meditation Paves the Way to Success

We recommend practicing stillness meditation twice daily. The 10-minute practice, consciously mastered, trains you to enter the eye of the storm quickly and know you’re there.

Once you know how to enter the eye of the storm, you can train yourself to compress the 10-minute practice down to 10 seconds and still be grounded, fully present, aware, and intuitively connected.

How to Stop the Grinch (delusion)

Our mind has a predictive text feature that works like the autocomplete on your phone. So when you walk through life, your brain automatically predicts what is most likely to happen, mindlessly filling in the blanks to trigger unconscious reactions.

These shortcuts attempt to save time, energy, and effort by instinctually acting on autopilot based on our past decisions and reactions.

To start thriving, we must consciously create our outcomes by responding to life in alignment with Who we are, Why we’re here, and Where we’re going.

To experience self-care during the 2022 holiday season requires conscious responses instead of past-based reactions.

We do this by examining how our brain auto-completes these core beliefs:

  • I AM _______
  • He/She IS _____
  • They ARE _______
  • I CAN ____________
  • I CAN’T __________
  • He/She/They
  • WILL/WON’T __________

In your journal, preview your probable and almost certain holiday experiences. Pay close attention to how your brain “predicts” the future, thus creating it.

With each auto-complete, you examine, consider your preferred future and consciously rehearse responses aligned with a purposefulness of intention inspired by your intuitive knowing.

A Non-Holiday Example

My brain’s auto-complete was fully operational while I speculated about becoming vegan. I followed a vegan diet for most of the year. Leading up to the decision to give it a go, my brain offered up many “cans” and “can’ts”.

  • I can’t ever give up meat.
  • I can’t live without animal protein,
  • I can’t give up eggs or milk
  • I carefully examined those beliefs, consciously replacing my predictive text and auto-completes with science-based information.

I was vegan for most of the year and eventually chose a whole-food omnivorous diet focusing 80% on plant-based foods.

For every decision you make moving forward, consider noticing your cans and can’ts before making an actionable decision, especially when interacting with others.

Other people will and won’t do certain things. So now you have an opinion about what others will and won’t do, not based on reality but on your experience. So as you go into this holiday season and start looking at what is most likely and what is predictable, notice who you are shutting down because you think things will go a certain way.

And as you become consciously aware of your predictions from others, that auto-complete text, that auto, that predictive text, notice that if you allow yourself to touch into another person’s vibration, their spirit cells, that while their instinctual behavior is predictable.

So that is it.

Now it’s time to take action.

You’ve journaled, rehearsed, and decided.

You’re aware of your AMs, “ISes, AREs, CANs & CAN’Ts, WILLs & WON’Ts, so turn off your predictive text and auto-completes to experience the 2022 holidays authentically expressing Who you are, Why you’re here and Where you’re going.

Doing so informs your actionable decisions to create a thriving living experience regardless of your circumstances.

Take action, then accept the outcome to enjoy the magic created. Self-care is a process of being fully present and engaged moment by moment, intuitively seeing the reality of what’s so.

Within the eye of the storm, with your mind dwelling at the threshold between your body and spirit, we see things as they are and can consciously choose our next step.

Self-care creates, accepts, and tolerates reality, allowing practitioners to be fully present, engaged in life, and enjoying what is and isn’t.

We start accepting things exactly as they are and aren’t.

  • We accept people as they are and aren’t
  • We accept and love ourselves as we are and aren’t.
  • We accept responsibility for our reactions, responses, creations, and choices,
  • We find serenity in our vibration. Our brains grow quiet, and a thriving, happy future becomes possible.

Sleep becomes effortless, and satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness pull us into a future of our creation, regardless of the outcome.

So as we go into the 2022 holiday season, self-care informs us what’s possible when taking that next step, accepting its outcome, and never be surprised because you are the creator of your experience.

You can’t change the world or those in it, but we can consciously create our experiences to be a complete, fulfilled expression of our purpose.

Now, let’s practice creating 2022 to be the perfect holiday season. If you experience anything unwanted, look at your brain’s predictive text to consciously recreate what’s possible.

Mastering these skills will prepare you for creating 2023 to be your best year ever.

My highest blessings.

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Independent Spiritualism (a simple way that works)

Spirit360 Fellowship is an Indie Spiritualist Church that practices Spiritualism as a philosophy rather than a religion.

We are not Bible based, or Pseudo-Christian (although we study and honor Jesus as a teacher and excellent healer). 

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