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March 20, 2022

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Learn How to Become A Spiritualist

Occasionally, I come across the question “How to Become A Spiritualist?”

I find it interesting that it’s taken me so long to open my eyes to see that this is the perfect topic for an Independent Spiritualist Church.

As an online metaphysical, non-denominational, spiritual community teaching Spiritualist as a philosophy, its principles and practices as the way to find Spiritual Solutions to Life’s Problems…

All I can say is DUH!

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TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, leads this service and helps you see for your self if Spiritualism is the best spiritual path for your journey this lifetime and more specifically if Spirit360 Fellowship is the best place to learn Spiritualism.

How to Become A Spiritualist is an essential topic for an Online Spiritualist Church.

I just learned that every month, 150 spiritual seekers search Google for an answer to the question, “How To Become a Spiritualist.”

mediumship at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistToday we answer this question by introducing you to Spirit360 Fellowship Spiritualism, but we don’t practice your Grandma’s Spiritualism. Our Spiritualism is slightly different, more organic, and more primal.

If you want to Become a Spiritualist, we have good and bad news.

The good news is you’re a natural-born Spiritualist.

The bad news is you’ve forgotten what it means to be a Spiritualist.

Have you ever been around a small child before they’ve experienced anything traumatic? Instead, they’re pure, happy, innocent. They smile authentically.

They have a few basic needs. You must feed them and empty them and keep them clean. They are pure and let you know when they need something.

For some, if they’re able to stay in this place of innocence for a while, they create childhood friends, imaginary friends, you’ll be looking at a small child. And it seems like sometimes they’re looking over your shoulder at something else.

They have intuitions and insights into people until we train them otherwise.

spiritual healing definition at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistSo the good news is if you have any curiosity about spirituality, about nonreligious matters about things of Spirit, those deeper existential questions, those deeper spiritual. Meaning type questions. You’re already a spiritualist. The bad news is we have to help you rediscover that. And what you already know lies between your beliefs, understandings, mindset, tribal truths, and personal truths until you get to some objective reality.

The essence of being spiritual is an understanding that Spirit at the core. Everything is Spirit. This part of ourselves that lives after we die and continues living until we reincarnate in search of answers bothers us. So that’s the overall essence. So to become a spiritualist is to rediscover Spirit, to rediscover that part of yourself that was there when you were born before life started getting in the way.

Before life started “lifing,” the essence of spirituality is Spirit or Spiritualism is the essence of spirituality, but like most things in life, Spiritualism got appropriated by religion.

NOT the Fox Sister’s Spiritualism

The Fox Sisters reignited an interest in Spiritualism during the mid-1800s when they claimed to experience physical mediumship. Of course the later recanted their stories, Modern Spiritualism was born.

what is the god frequency old souls find answers at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistSo inside of Spiritualism is a rational doubt, a rational doubt. And that’s the part we have to displace is that rational doubt. You see, we’re born animals. We have this experience where our Spirit itself gets merged into this three-dimensional probability of life called our body. The moment it incarnates into that body.

You become the essence of who you are right now. So this life right now, imagine a Pearl, and that Pearl is unique, beautiful, perfectly formed. And this Pearl is in alignment with all the other pearls of your past life. The string that holds this beautiful necklace of pearls together is your Spirit.

So your body is the Pearl, the thread that holds all your bodies together in this continuum of your spiritual evolution, that’s your Spirit.

And that’s what we have to get back to of the essence of back to the essence of reconnecting with Spirit. The process we practiced today. You meditate, quiet your mind.

You find that place of quiet receptivity. You find that place of thinking tranquility, you find that place within yourself where it’s safe to be you. So then we develop very specific types of I that allow us to sort out the only thing that stands between you and your fullest expression of your spirituality.

Beware Delusion–The Ultimate Villain

And that is delusion. Delusion is public enemy “Number One,” the villain in this story of your life. We think things are a certain way but are not a certain way when we believe so strongly something is true, even though it’s not true. So it’s a matter of us beginning to sort out any delusions that we may have.

infinite intelligence - intuitive feelers find answers at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistDelusion is something that is not objective, something that is not objective. So inside of your awareness is a set of truths. Those truths are yours, you own them. They are perfectly suited to you. Those truths are your personal truth.

Your truths were given to you or trained to you by all your tribal truths, your family, upbringing, spirituality, schools, teachers, and everyone who helped you come to your majority influenced your truths.

You created the perfect way to survive to this moment in your life. And that’s your number one biological imperative to survive. So we will survive no matter what unless we have an accident or meet some other untimely expiration. And the good news is that as you rediscover Spirit, you’ll become much better at seeing these types of accidents before they happen now. To get to an objective truth about spirituality, Spiritualism is a simple process of rediscovering Spirit.

Spiritualism Helps You Learn the Language of Spirit

Now there’s a spirit self there’s that Spirit in you that a source of your intuition, your knowing that part of you, that fights with your instinct to survive that part of you that knows some person is not quite telling the truth. The part of you that knows when someone’s not quite happy. The part of you that knows there’s more to life than meets the eye.

You just can’t put your fingers on it sometime. Then there’s this Spirit for living. And this goes back to our twinkling eyes of our newborn babies, where they are so connected and alive and having these experiences of being there that, you know, uh, I never had kids, and I’ve been around grandkids now.

And, uh, I guess the relationship between kids and grandkids is slightly different. I guess when you get to send them home, it makes things a lot less pressure-oriented.

And being able to watch a child go from very small as they grow up, as they start to understand logic and rationality and the way things were and kind of connect the dots between their experiences, the actions of others, what they’re told, what the rules they have to follow and all this stuff and see the little light go on time.

After time allows us to reconnect with how our tribal and personal truths influenced our beliefs.

How to EXCELerate Your Spiritual Growth

As a Spiritualist, these are the practices that speed your progress toward enlightenment on your journey toward Nirvana

  • Meditate
  • Develop verifiable psychic skills
  • Fine-tune tangible healing abilities.
  • Evaluate your progress in verifiable ways.

how to start meditating - stillness meditation at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistOnce you’ve reconnected with your intuition, your self spirit, then you can reconnect with your spirit guides and teachers. So the third aspect of Spirit of Spirit is our spirit guides and teachers. Those on the other side are friendly family, friends, loved ones, past family, friends, and loved ones we’ve had a connection with.

Spiritualism, But Not As A Religion

Some would call this a soulmate. So rediscovery of Spirit is how to become a spiritualist. Now, here is the part that makes Spirit360 Fellowship’s Practice of Spiritualism different from other Spiritualist Entities; we believe reincarnation is a Spiritual Law. Most national spiritualist organizations do not accept reincarnation.

They are more Christian Bible-based organizations. We are not. We are a philosophical, workability-based organization.

Reincarnation is a fact for us simply because it fits in with how the universe works, organizing from simple to complex—and then disorganizing back to simple again. So the evolution of your Spirit of life is how we got here.

We also believe that you are responsible for your life rather than looking for a God without, rather than looking for answers in the scripture, rather than looking for anything outside ourselves.

We believe that going within being fully responsible for your divinity, being fully responsible for your ability to create your own experience in life is the essence of spirituality it’s being responsible.

It’s acknowledging the God within you, others, and God within all. Another word for God, according to Jesus, was God, his Spirit. I think it was John 4:24. Don’t mention him too much, but most of us have a fascinating relationship with Christianity and that book called the holy.

Rediscovering Spirit

So as we allow ourselves to begin to rediscover Spirit, to quiet our minds, to enter that place of the eye of the storm, to keep the chaos of the world at arm’s length, to examine each one of our truths, to see if it works, to get us through results. We want to make sure each one of our tribal truths that we step into is aligned with who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going.

That’s our mission statement. That’s our purpose of accomplishing what it is we incoordinated accomplish. Then what happens. You become a Spiritualist naturally. You go within you. Trust what you find there.

You act accordingly. You start cleaning up the messes in your life created before you become spiritually aware.

Those unconscious choices and decisions you made based on the delusions of the outward senses, the delusions of certain try truth, and the delusions of things you thought to be true but were not true.

And as you get an objective, rational, pragmatic relationship with Spirit, you can quiet your mind and touch your own Spirit, know your intuition, know your truth. And then start to expand that to a way of living that attracts beautiful people and things you are aware of attracting and not diluted, ignoring.

empaths find answers at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistAnd then you start to have a relationship with your spirit guides and teachers. You begin to experience unconditional love, unconditional acceptance of precisely who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going.

Finally, you have people who have your back as friends, not as authoritarian, authoritarian dictators, and these gods and deities sitting on a throne judging they’re there as your friends.

And that, my friends, is the essence of Spiritualism, rediscovering Spirit. You had it at some point, then life started “lifing,” and you disconnected from it. You bump into questions that your personal and tribal truths cannot answer. And conflict with this inner knowing, this instinct, these personal tribal truths that are driving us, then you have this intuitive knowing that keeps on nagging at you.

Becoming An Unintentional Spiritualist

During a business lunch, a gentleman named Roger asked Sandy, “Does John still think he’s clairvoyant.?”

Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing. I had never heard that word in that way before. But, of course, it wasn’t safe because Roger condescended to have the conversation with Sandy. But a short while later, I did, and I was directed a few miles from my home to a place where I started my journey as a spiritualist.

I had no intention of becoming a Spiritualist, but as I became more and more competent at going within, entering the eye of the storm. As I became more and more skillful at listening to my inner knowing, I became more and more perfectly aligned with who I am, why I’m here, and where I’m going. It took a long time to get everything lined up and going in the right direction.

spiritual church services at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistBut as I started to make conscious decisions, rather than unconscious, following unconscious beliefs began to fall into place, things in my life that I knew were going to happen before they happened. But I chose to ignore it because it was inconvenient and started to make sense. So things began to fall into place.

So you were born a spiritualist life, started life, and somehow got disconnected from that spirit part of you. If you’re an old soul, you start asking questions your current level of consciousness can’t answer, but the answer is there. So it’s a simple matter of training you to rediscover yourself.

That, my friends, is the essence of Spiritualism.

We teach a Spiritual Rediscovery process at Spirit360 Fellowship. You rediscover verve, a spiritual essence, enthusiasm, your Spirit.

You rediscover your Spirit-self. Then over time am creating a relationship with your Spirit.

Friends, loved ones, guides, and teachers. And as you fully are reconnected and in the presence of Spirit, something interesting happens. You find happiness, and what better way to walk through life than as a happy medium,

My highest blessings.

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