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spiritual practices to change your life

For most old souls, empaths, HSPs, and sensitives change stops them cold in their tracks. Most often because they’re caught off guard. They’re

They’re so busy surviving life’s noise they miss the signs of change all around them.

This week we show you how to start mastering change so you thrive.

0730 Spiritual Church Service | September 19, 2021

How to Change Your Life by Mastering Your Mind

So you think, so you are. So you think you shall become, so shall you become …

1030 Spiritualist Church Service |
September 19, 2021

To Change Your Life, Change Your Thinking

Your mind hold the key to changing your life. That change starts here …

For our September 19, 2021 Spiritualist Church Services, we start seeing where we miss the signs of change that can forewarn us about our next steps.

Mastering these spiritual growth practices help you rediscover your intuitive knowing which is the fastest way to stop feeling lost in life.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares how to develop 360-degree spiritual awareness the expands the light of your awareness to stop the shadows of your soul from stopping you.

Sunday Spiritualist Church Services at Spirit360 Fellowship.

PLUS Experience:

  • An opening spirit guide message

  • A Stillness Meditation Practice
  • A 
Guided Self-Healing Visualization
  • An 
Absence Healing Service
  • Receiving Psychic 
Mediumship Messages Service
Setting Your Week’s Intention

Every Sunday (except for the 5th Sunday) Spirit360 Fellowship offers 
two live, online spiritualist church services via Zoom. Join us at 7:30 and/or 10:30 AM, Pacific Time.


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  1. Sorry I missed the service, I’m in Brisbane and is having a bit of confusion with your start time to my time, I’ll get there lol apologies if it’s any inconvenience in any way 🤗🙇🏽‍♀️ Divine love and light 🌻