How to Connect with Spirit Guides

Delusion-Free Connections w/ Your Spirit Guides

When connecting with your spirit guides and teachers, being free from delusion is essential to avoid distractions and interference.

December is our Spiritual Connections Month

Spirit360 Fellowship exists to bring Spiritualism to those who don’t have a local Spiritualist Church or Community in their back yard.

December 11, 2022

How to Connect with Spirit Guides & Teacher

Spirit360 Sunday Gatherings Agenda:

  • Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship
  • Opening Spiritual Lesson
  • Stillness Meditation Practice
  • Guided Spiritual Healing Visualization
  • TOPIC: Connecting with Spirit
  • Q&A | Ask Me Anything
  • Announcements
  • Spiritualist Absence Healing Service
  • FREE Psychic Messages Service
  • Intention Setting and Closing Circle

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TSB Journaling provides the consciousness training needed to create a thriving life.

How to Connect with Spirit Guides & Teachers

I applaud you for being here today and doing this Spiritual work. Consistently practicing these small tasks help you develop the skills needed to create and design your chosen life.

Today we consider, ponder, and learn “How to Connect with your Spirit Guide and Teachers.” These skills are near and dear to my heart and have helped me in too many to mention.

An Unintentional Psychic & Medium

I never intended to be a spiritualist minister, medium, or healer. However, in 1987 I worked as a computer programmer with an education in engineering and systems, when one day during lunch, I heard the word clairvoyant, and the hair on my neck stood up. The trajectory of my life changed upon hearing a 3-syllable word.

Eight weeks later, I started my quest for spiritual growth and development.

how to connect with spirit guides and thrive

We started the Spirit360 Fellowship a few years after being ordained in 2014. It’s our mission to provide an online spiritual community for seekers who don’t have a spiritual or spiritualist church in their backyard.

But what does this have to do with you learning to connect with your spirit guide and teachers?

Everything and Nothing

Connecting with your spirit guides and teachers requires a receptive mind in control. In 1987, my mind was receptive and hungry for spiritual truth. But I had virtually no control over my thinking processes.

I was a functioning and intelligent adult, but my untrained mind controlled me. It was not a tool serving my highest and best good.

Something inside you knows there’s more to life than meets the eye, and you want to experience those things spiritually true. But how?

Learning to calm your emotions and control your thinking is how.

Your mind’s thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, experiences, and memories have never been examined or challenged. Yet, to grow and develop spiritually is a conscious process that retrains your mind to understand the Language of Spirit.

You’re alive, reading this, so you’re successful at the basics of staying alive. But because you’re reading this, we know you want to experience what lies beyond the physical senses.

Let’s see how to connect with the spiritual realm. As you ponder the concept of spirit guides and teachers, think back to a time when you heard your name called but couldn’t see who called you, or awakening at night to find someone standing next to your bed, or you having an experience of being outside your body.

We’ve each had spontaneous spiritual experiences, so we know your mind is receptive.

But how do we develop the competency to connect with spirit entites on command?

Ah, mental control. Let’s get started.

First, we must remember that our spirit guides and teachers choose us.

Second, we each have three spirit entities working with us while we’re incarnate.

  • We have a high teacher. Tau Chuan Ling is my High Spiritual Teacher.
  • We have a joy guide. Christopher is my joy guide.
  • We have a protector (guardian angel). Redhawk is my protector.
  • Nathan is a healing teacher and general companion guide.

So you have at least three teachers.

What’s the difference between a Spirit Guide and Teacher?

In my experience, not much. But, again, It’s a matter of tradition.

They help us understand life and avoid accidental death.

You may wonder if your Spirit Guides and Teachers are deceased family members. It’s possible but not probable.

Your spirit guides and teachers will never live your life for you. And the most beautiful part of these connections being they love and accept you unconditionally, just the way you are and are not.

My connection with my spirit guides and teachers has allowed me to start loving and accepting myself because they exemplify unconditional love by knowing everything about me and loving me anyway, without condition.

They know everything you’ve done and didn’t do and still love you anyway. They accept you the way you are and the way you’re not. They have no pretense. They want nothing for you or from you other than to have you be happy to accomplish what you incarnated in life.

Like Attracts Like

It’s the law of attraction at its pure, energetic, spiritual level — like attracting like, and there’s no more pristine example and experience of this attraction. So then connecting with your spirit guides and teachers, and in my opinion, doing what you need to do to communicate with spirit and get to know them, is worth everything you’ve got to do.

So these connections have happened to many of us spontaneously. You hear your name called, and you see someone standing by your bed. You see a face, or you have a profound dream different from your other dreams. So these things happen spontaneously.

Our job is to have you experience these things on command, spirit connection with your guides and teachers on demand, not independently and beyond your control, but within your natural competencies.

Reasons, Seasons, Lifetimes

Now our spirit guides and teachers show up for our life, as with your high teacher, your joy guide, and your protector guide. They’re here for your whole life. In most cases, sometimes you’ll have a teacher show up and be in your life for a phase during a particular job, a relationship, or a specific type of study.

So they’re here for a season and just like people in the real world, sometimes they’re there just for a specific reason to help us see one thing. So that’s what they’re interested in, like, and enjoy. So they connect with you and enter your vibration at various times that suit them.

You’re the Chosen One

You can’t compel them to be there. They choose to be with you out of complete and total love and acceptance for who you are. To have a mind and control, we have to control certain things. One is your imagination. We did a meditation earlier. You know, total consciousness is where we all joined in today?

You’re, you’re talking, you’re watching your phone, you’re on your internet browser, you’re doing what you’re doing. You’re listening to some bald guy talk, using his hands way too much, judging his hair, how late he is, and all this other stuff. And your imagination can kick in anytime you experience a source of information.

So, as we are here a hundred percent conscious, sometimes we’re below conscious, but we are not doing anything to control the nature of our thinking. You have a risk of imagination kicking in as you meditate and hold a thought. So instead of being at a ten total consciousness, we drop down to a three or a four.

So our mind’s activity is 100% focused on one thing. So many thoughts. One thought for five minutes, and that one thought. And keeping it centered in our focus, bringing it in, and practicing having that one thought be the center of our attention with nothing else there. So that is part of meditation because meditation’s practice is simply the practice.

Practicing is the Practice

Every time you sit down with the intent to meditate, you’re meditating and it has a benefit. Then we drop into silence or no thought or a zero. So many thoughts. 10, one thought three, four. No thoughts. Zero. Then we come back up a little. And that place is what I call the eye of the storm, where we practice our spiritual growth and development.

So as you allow yourself to dwell in the eye of the storm, you’re the tempest of your thinking, and emotions are quieted and calm. If you see, hear, feel, or know something in the eye of the storm, your imagination doesn’t start running wild. We don’t read between the lines. We perceive and understand what’s there.

Most of the time, when we’re just beginning out, you go through your meditation. Then, as you get to that three or four where the concentration, your mind drifts a little bit, you may start seeing some teachers, you may start seeing some colors, you may start seeing some stuff. And what you want to do is say, if this is a spirit entity, please step back and let me do my meditation, and I’ll invite you in.

After I’ve meditated, touching silence, come back up and say, okay, if you want to connect with me, now’s the time. Then suddenly, you see a face, and your mind returns here. What’s that? And you start to lose control. And in that loss of control, your mind starts to imagine, fantasize, and makeup things about what it experienced.

If you’ve ever had a profound dream that you knew was significant, and you woke up, and you knew that you had the dream, but you didn’t write it down, you fall back to sleep, and you wake up, and you can’t remember the dream, that’s the eye of the storm. So that’s where we are quietly receptive with a level of thinking and tranquility.

So as you experience things with spirit, you see a face. You hear a voice. You get a phrase. You, you, you meet someone from your family or your past who is on the other side. So it’s essential to keep your emotions and thoughts managed. And allow yourself to have your mind at the threshold between your body and spirit.

Avoiding Delusion at All Costs

Seeing things as they are helps us avoid delusion, and most of what I see people experience with spirit communication is based on some belief. They have some mindset, some superstition that is not what a trained medium and psychic can experience. There is one definition I want you to write in your journal and keep track of.

And that definition is simply this. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

the Spirit360 Way

Connecting with your spirit guides and teachers starts by improving your psychic abilities in tangible, verifiable ways.

We begin by developing our intuitive knowing (gut feelings, hunches, and precognitions) and relying on them to give us accurate information under controlled circumstances.

Next, we develop ESP or reaching out into the world using your spirit (etheric) body to perceive the world. So we extend our awareness, psychic senses, and our body’s vibration, and we can perceive spirit guides and teachers.

It is best to conceptualize spirit entities like radio channels.

how to connect with spirit guides psychic mediumship

Each one has a unique vibration or frequency. So often, our spirit entities will come in from one direction at first. So if you’ll notice, waning is always here, and Nathan’s almost here they are seldom there. But when I think about Tawan Lean, he often comes in on this side. So I’ll know it’s him.

I’ll recognize the frequency and vibration of Tau Chuan Ling. I’ll lean over into him with my awareness and make the connection, which is mediumship, a spirit connection. But to get there, you must go through any superstition, beliefs, fears, misinformation, imagination, and fantasy that you may have.

Be Still to Know

We hear nothing above the thunder of our mind. So that’s why we meditate. So then, we must learn to enter the eye of the storm, practice perceiving our intuitive knowing, E. S. P. experiences, and connect with our spirit guides and teachers in real profound, measurable, verifiable ways.

Your mind is very loud, overthinking and procrastinating. It’s not your friend. Your mind is part of your consciousness and continues after the body dies. But while you’re in your body, it uses your brain to operate, and it’s your brain that we have to train to quiet, be still, and know the brain is the source of the thunder.

And just like training your body to exercise, lift weights, and be healthy, we train our brain to be quiet so our mind can perceive those things spiritually. And as you allow yourself to open the door to the. The spiritual realm of connecting with your spirit guides and teachers. The best advice I can give you is to not look for anything but perceive and see what’s there.

Once you’ve trained yourself to see, hear, and know, you’ll meet some most beautiful people if you’re receptive.

My highest blessings.

How to Get The BEST Free Psychic Readings

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Spiritualist Churches: are known for providing the best FREE Psychic Readings. Technically they’re not free because you are asked to make a donation, but at Spirit360 Fellowship, the donations are not mandatory.

  • Public Psychic Messages: The messages offered are delivered in public so they may seem a bit cryptic or vague because your Spirit Guides and Teachers will never deliberately embarrass you.
  • Many Ways To Benefit: Because Spirit360 Fellowship is a tight-knit community of like minds and kindred spirits, many of whom are on similar paths and managing many of the same life’s problems, our spirit guides and teachers will often have the medium share a message in such a way that many people can benefit from their insights and wisdom… Indeed a Win/Win Environment.

Independent Spiritualism (a simple way that works)

Spirit360 Fellowship is an Indie Spiritualist Church that practices Spiritualism as a philosophy rather than a religion.

We are not Bible based, or Pseudo-Christian (although we study and honor Jesus as a teacher and excellent healer). 

We find the practices that work, regardless its origin, to help us walk our paths toward Nirvana (individual, personal spiritual perfection) while experiencing what we incarnated to learn this lifetime. 

Join us live to see for yourself...

The only way to know if the Spirit360 Fellowship is the right place to take the next steps along your Spiritual Journey this lifetime is to join us live.

There’s some good news if you’re into FREE Psychic Readings, you don’t have to wait for our next All-Messages Service to get a Free Psychic Message. We offer free messages at each of our live Sunday Service.

To join us, create your FREE Spirit360 Seeker account and we’ll send you the details how to attend our Sunday Services Live via Zoom. 

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How to Connect with Spirit Guides

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