How to STOP Being So Nice

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♾️ Death By a Thousand Niceties

Let’s Learn How to Stop Being So Nice

As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with some physical challenges recently. These difficulties were self-inflicted, stemming from an unmindful lifestyle and the standard American diet. This post calls to all empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs) who are caught in self-sacrificing behaviors, constantly rehashing past situations, and struggling to stay present.

learning how to stop being so nice is a path to empowerment for sensitivesIf today’s topic resonates with you, this journey toward reclaiming your power and agency might be just what you need because when we learn how to stop being so nice, especially with ourselves, we can start taking steps on a path to happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction…

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♾️ Observing the Nice Person Syndrome

I’ve spent most of my life being the nice guy, always doing what was expected of me—even at the expense of my best interests. Being disliked was never an option.

learning how to stop being so nice is a path to peace and harmony.If this sounds familiar, you’re hearing this with your spiritual nature of who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going in the context of being nice.

More importantly, we’ll discuss how to start the spiritual practices that will help you reclaim your power.

The Consequence of Childhood Training

Early-life situations develop our esteem. We’ve developed behaviors that helped us survive—whether we became bold fighters, quick runners, or those who freeze under pressure. As empaths, we often fawn, molding ourselves to others’ expectations, which affects our sense of self and purpose.

Fawning: the Loss of Self-Identity

Fawning involves saying and doing what others expect of us, making us chameleons who vanish into others’ expectations. This unhealthy pattern can leave us without a grounded sense of who we are or what’s important to us. This section will delve into how fawning disrupts our self-identity.

Reclaiming Your Power and Agency

learning how to stop being so nice is a survival tool for many sensitivesToday’s process will help you develop a sense of agency and become your spirit’s best representative in this physical world. By establishing a stress-free foundation, you can start making decisions that align with what you genuinely want, thus reclaiming your power and agency.

The Observer and Overwhelm

Overwhelm often comes from not honoring our true selves and subservience to others’ wants. By committing to not always pleasing others, you can begin to love yourself. The aim is to become “appropriately assertive” and make choices that lead to a fulfilling life.

The Harsh Lesson of Self-Indulgence

One harsh lesson I’ve learned is that self-sufficiency brings fulfillment. Being too nice to yourself in non-spiritual ways often leads to subservience to others. Focus on meeting your higher self’s needs rather than indulging your physical desires.

Rediscovering Your Spirit’s Intent

learning how to stop being so nice is a skill best informed by our intuitive knowingThe quickest way to learn how to stop being so nice is to reconnect with your spirit’s intent—your true purpose. Radical acceptance is your first step in this journey. Accepting yourself starts physically hardwiring your brain, so we begin to choose and enforce which boundaries serve you spiritually.

Radical Acceptance and Boundaries

Accepting yourself as you are means recognizing that many of your boundaries are physical survival instincts that keep you feeling safe and unthreatened. Spiritual growth transcends the need for them. Establish and enforce boundaries that genuinely matter to you and align with your spiritual intent.

Attracting Energetically Aligned People

As you develop spiritually, you’ll attract people and opportunities that resonate with your energy. This creates a safe space to explore who you are, minimizing the need for boundaries enforced by physical survival instincts.

By attracting like minds and kindred spirits into your life, you create a safe place to learn how to stop being so nice because you experience being heard, understood, and appreciated.

Non-Negotiables and Self-Discipline

Define your non-negotiables, not only with others but for yourself. Enforcing your boundaries requires discipline and is crucial for personal growth and self-respect. This practice helps craft a life of your choosing.

Living in Alignment with Your Spirit’s Intent

learning how to stop being so nice illuminates a path of possibility and purposeLiving in alignment means serving others from a place of choice rather than need, reducing stress, aligning your actions with your spirit’s intent, and causing a quieter mind and more harmonious life experiences.

Conclusion: The Journey to Self-Truth

For some, this might seem like an absurd journey, but for others, it could be life-changing. The first steps include:

  • Meditation.
  • Mastering the psychic and healing arts, and above all.
  • Staying true to yourself according to your spirit’s intent.

My highest blessings. Join us on this journey at

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