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Indiana Spiritualist Church at The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis

The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis

3020 S. Meridian St. Ste. E
Indianapolis, IN 46217

The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis (TSCI) is a non-denominational church that seeks to provide a sacred space for individuals on their spiritual path. The church welcomes all individuals regardless of their faith, beliefs or background. One of their core beliefs is that everyone is connected to a loving and benevolent source, and it is everyone’s birthright to access it. They believe in providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where everyone is celebrated for their uniqueness.

TSCI’s community activities are centered on spiritual growth and personal development. The church offers a variety of classes, workshops, and online courses that are designed to help individuals connect with their divine nature. They also offer a range of community service activities that promote spiritual growth and healing. TSCI’s programs are designed to help people overcome life’s challenges and find a sense of peace and purpose in their lives.

One unique feature of TSCI is the use of spiritual mediums as a way of communicating with spirit. They believe that spiritual mediums have the ability to communicate with spirit and provide messages that can help individuals on their spiritual journey. The church also hosts various spiritual retreats, which provide individuals with an opportunity to deepen their connection with spirit in a peaceful and serene setting.

TSCI’s website is evidence of the church’s passion for inclusivity. The church is dedicated to offering a loving and open environment and actively encourages diverse perspectives.

Visitors and members are welcomed in an honest and compassionate way and are invited to take part in the church’s many activities without judgement. TSCI is a true spiritual community of integrity that offers an abundance of spiritual tools for the journey, inviting all who are looking for inspiration, guidance, and connection.

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