Your Infinite Intelligence Quotient

infinite intelligence iq test - rediscover your spiritual iq

There is an innate order to the universe, an infinite intelligence hidden in plain sight for those ready to pierce the veil of delusion.

infinite intelligence iq test - rediscover your spiritual iq

Learn About Spiritualism and Infinite Intelligence Served Two Ways…

What is your Infinite Intelligence Quotient?

To find out, let’s first ponder infinite Intelligence and its meaning.

Infinite Intelligence Transcript

infinite intelligence iq test - rediscover your spiritual iq

Start by getting grounded, present, connected within your intuitive knowing.

What do those words mean to you? 

Next, recall the last time you took an IQ test.

If you’re a good test taker, you probably loved it.

If you’re a terrible test taker, you probably hated it.

If you’re like me, you were ambivalent, knowing it was a waste of time—the answers they wanted to have had little to do with my life experience. Instead, I was seeking answers to different questions.

As we ponder Infinite Intelligence, seeking to define our Infinite Intelligence Quotient, we come face-to-face with Spirit.

At Spirit360 Fellowship, we define Spirit as the energy body. The energy body lives beyond the death of the physical vessel housing our consciousness.

We feel Spirit is what the great Spiritual Masters referenced, each in its unique way.

Infinite Intelligence describes the answers and solutions you find buried beneath your identity, personality, mindset, and beliefs.

To determine your Infinite Intelligence Quotient, focus on three distinct aspects of consciousness: self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-awareness. 

Self-forgiveness is our ability to realize and accept our humanity, flaws, and imperfections.

Self-acceptance is seeing the person in the mirror as perfectly imperfect yet still deserving and worthy of love, success, and happiness.

Self-awareness is rediscovering the Spiritual Imperative that had us incarnate into this life. We discover this Spiritual Imperative by knowing the answers to these questions:

Who Am I?

Why Am I Here?

And Where Am I Going?

While some people feel that we are Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience, we believe everything is spiritual.

All things, including our physical bodies, are energy. So the illusion of separation is real, but only until we open the Spiritual Eyes of our Soul to perceive those things Spiritual.

Spiritual awareness has us perceive life in loving, harmonious ways, specifically three-part harmony between body, mind, and Spirit. There is no greater expression of self-awareness than the moment we fall in love with the person who greets us in the mirror each day.

Expanding our self-awareness is the method for increasing our Infinite Intelligence Quotient.

Spiritual growth and development practices hasten self-forgiveness, acceptance, and awareness.

You may be thinking it is all fine and good for monks in a monastery, but I live in the real world, so it doesn’t apply to me.

But of course, you’re right, as always.

Infinite Intelligence in the Real World

We live in a real world. The first of every month, rents are due sometime during the month, most of us have a car payment sometime during the month we end up having two. Pay the bills and earn the paychecks and reconcile the checking account. So we have all of these things that happen in life that many people on a spiritual path choose not to do.

How do we allow ourselves to expand our spiritual awareness to guide every step of the journey we take in this life.

That’s where self-awareness expands due to mastering our spiritual growth and development practices. 

We find spiritual solutions to life’s problems by integrating our spiritual sensitivities into our day-to-day living.

There are three simple practices to master.

First, Right Meditation.

Second, Right Thought.

Third, Right Action.

These are the three components in the Good Karma Formula.

Right Meditation clears our mind quickly, grounding us in the current moment, here and now (the eye of the storm).

Right Thought yields an actionable decision after due consideration and honors spiritual law.

Right Action is the execution of our actionable decision or the next step along our spiritual path, which is never a surprise.

Good karma caused by the Right Action is the path to purpose.

Your Infinite Intelligence Quotient is improved by consciously mastering the 3Rs to break down the barriers that keep the spiritual eyes of our soul closed.

Once we open the spiritual eye of our soul, we can start forgiving, accepting, and improving our level of self-awareness.

As your self-awareness expands, so does your Infinite Intelligence Quotient, your body’s intuitive knowing and inner-wisdom help you know how to best use the resources at its disposal.

Eventually, you rediscover Who You Are, Why You’re Here, and Where You’re Going (your Spiritual Imperative).

Each successive step along your spiritual path to Nirvana becomes more apparent and enjoyable along the way.

My highest blessings.

Spirit360 Fellowship’s, Spiritualist Church Service for July 11, 2021 shows you how to discover, then improve your Infinite Intelligence Quotient or Spiritual IQ.

There is an infinite source of power, energy, love and acceptance throughout our universe.
But to access this Infinite Intelligence one must master these these 3-constituent skills that comprise your Spiritual IQ.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares how to expand your awareness to tune into the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.

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