Mastering Intentionality

Spiritual Solutions: Intentionality Is A Game Changer

Spirit360 Fellowship Online Spiritual Church Services Archive for August 2022.

Intentionality emphasizes the Art and Practices of “Beingness.”

Master Intentionality and Thrive
August 07, 2022

Purposeful Intentionality

OUTLINE: Purposeful Intentionality

Stop wasting time and start hitting the mark in life… Life purpose is an illusion and these spiritual growth practices show you how to walk your path with purpose.

Your Spirit's Intent

Rediscovering your Spirit’s Intent shifts a purposeful context for your actions. 

Being Purposeful

  • Being purposeful: is acting with determination and resolve.
  • Being intentional: an aim that guides your actions.
  • Purposeful Intentionality: Causing outcomes with Your Actions informed by Right Thinking.

The Difference You're Seeking

What are the recurring themes and feelings calling you into the future?
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Quieting the Noise in your vibration allows you to hear your inner-knowing and intuition to reveal your Spirit’s Intent.

Think about Ghandi, MLK, Buddha, Jesus, Dolly Parton, or George Washington… What was their calling?

Being the Cause

Purposeful Intentionality is a Karmic Process whereby your purpose consciously informs your actions in fulfilling and satisfying ways that convey value in your life’s outcomes.

August 14, 2022

Healing Intentionality

OUTLINE: Healing Intentionality

The time is NOW to start Being Healthy and Well.

Your Spirit's Intent

Being Healthy & Well is the outcome caused by your Spirit’s Intent. Because being Healthy & Well keeps you on-track to learn the lessons you incarnated to experience this life, at this time.

To clarify your Spirit’s Intent, know where you’re going.

To get a sense of your spirit’s intent, think about wearing a wrist watch, a seat belt, or sunglasses.

What's Missing?

When you forget to wear your watch, put on your seatbelt, or forget you’re wearing sunglasses… How do you feel? Healing Intentionality is a process of identifying “what’s missing” in your health and well-being then being at cause in restoring that into your life. When you engage in Diet, Exercise, Treatments, Therapy, Spiritual Practices, Rehabilitation with a Healing Intentionality, you’re causing your Future Now.
August 21, 2022

Intimate Intentionality

OUTLINE: Intimate Intentionality

Opening the door to intimacy is one of this biggest benefits of mastering your mind and calming your emotions through meditation and spiritual growth.

3-Part Harmony

Body, Mind & Spirit acting in 3-Part Harmony causes confidence that is sexy and attractive allowing you to walk your path with Effortless Flow.

Being Authentically Self-Confident

Intimacy naturally occurs when you walk your path with nothing hidden. What comes first? Intimacy or Being Independent, Attractive, Sexy, Decisive, Expressive, Confident? Spiritually speaking, this chicken or egg consideration is more sustainable that an either/or circumstance. When you’re honoring your Spirit’s Intent, you flow effortlessly present in life, hiding nothing.
August 28, 2022

Vocational Intentionality

OUTLINE: Vocational Intentionality

Destination Nirvana: Navigating jobs, vocation and career to accomplish what you incarnated to experience this lifetime by creating Spiritual Solutions to Life’s Problems.

Finding and Fulfilling Your Spirit's Intent

By rediscovering your Spirit’s Intent, you choose consciously each step, action, ambition to guide your career in pursuit of your Speciality.

Finding Your Way

Your work life is a journey that can be made into what you choose it to be. This journey includes:

  • Jobs: Work for hire to meet your basic needs.
  • Vocation: A calling that allows the fulfillment of your Speciality.
  • Career: the trail of jobs, in pursuit of your specialilty in life.

Spirit's Intent Illuminates Your Way

Spiritual Growth and Development reveals your authentic self and helps you walk your path intentionally, with nothing hidden.

Your Career is On The Job Training for being authentically yourself honoring Spirit’s Intent on your journey toward Nirvana..