10:30 Service | Channeled Message from Spirit

channeled message from spirit with ts hall @thestoicmedium

ts Hall, @theStoicMedium’s Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling shares his thoughts about making intimate spiritual connections

Our opening message. Is I asked one of my teachers to step forward and share a message with us. I use a technique called inspirational speaking. It’s a very light form of trance and we teach this to our advanced students at Old Soul Academy.

Tau Chuan Ling steps forward.

And when I ask our spiritu teachers to share a mesage, I asked them to share what we each need to hear. So we have the proper connection, the proper context. So you can take away from this service this time together, what it is you came here to take away.

“My friends we connect again this time in a new year and as most new beginning. Here’s much expectation. There’s much possibility. There’s much hope. There’s much faith that this year will be different and it can be, but only as you consciously pick and choose the thoughts that inspire and set the tone for the actions that you take that will generate the results that will contribute to the goals that you have set in place.

Now, I say it this way specifically to allow yourself to hear the thinking that you have, as I say what it is. I said, because every time you hear something, see something, experience something, your mind offers an opinion about it, and that opinion reveals an underlying truth that you perceive. The world through and this, these underlying truths, these beliefs that influence your thinking and your thinking influences your actions and your actions to get your results.

So as you listen to today’s talk, listen to your opinions about what this entity says for indeed. It is the opinions that your mind has that will reveal the path forward for the work that you need to do to make this year different than your previous years. If that is of interest to you, you will find today’s time together well spent.

My highest blessings.”

So let’s see what Tau Chuan Ling would like to say.

And they showed me an image of. Every time I’m listening to stuff on the, on, on news shows my little thought forms like little cartoon, bubbles of all my opinions about what I think about others are thinking. That was his way of keeping me occupied until I had the break.

So that was our message from spirit.

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