Video: A Spiritualist Looks at Karma

spiritualism looks at karma as the key to happiness

A Spiritualist Looks at Karma

Hitler is in hell, he has to be in hell. Right?

At Spirit360 Fellowship, we believe: Karma is cause and effect and applies to this life only.

What is karma?

  • A spiritual law | law as in
  • a principal
  • Causation. Cause and Effect, Sow and Reap

What is karmic debt?

  • Consequences | This life only.
  • Eastern version of heaven and hell.
  • No enforcer.

Intention * Action / Circumstances = Results

  • I = intention (dreams, goals, ambitions)
  • A = Action
  • C = Circumstances, environment
  • R = Results, outcomes,

A tool for spiritual progression.

  • Consciousness – awareness – knowing
  • The proving ground for the 3Rs –
    • Right Meditation, Right Thinking, Right Action
    • – consequences.
  • Our responsibility. Our choice. Our free will.

Hitler is not in hell. He is accountable to himself for his actions and learning from them.

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