Manifesting Journal | Spiritualist Church Services May 08, 2022

the best manifestation journal and your manifesting journal

May is spiritual manifestation month at the Spirit360 Fellowship as we get busy making 2022 our best year ever. Today’s services show you how to create the Best Manifesting Journal.

Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship: Today’s topic is Your Manifesting Journal

Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship I’m TS Hall @theStoicMedium, and I’ll be leading your service today. Spirit360 Fellowship is an online community of like-minds and kindred spirits. We practice spiritualism, but not your grandma’s spiritualism.

the best manifestation journal and your manifesting journal

0730 Spiritual Church Service: Manifesting Journal

Opening Message from Spirit, May 8, 2022 – 0730 Spiritual Church Service

We open each Spirit360 Fellowship with a message from one of my Spirit Guides or Teachers.

To deliver this Message from Spirit, I perform a technique called inspirational speakers. It’s a form of trance where I quiet my mind, step my consciousness aside, and allow one of my teachers to step into my awareness and share a message with you.

I ask them to share a teaching that helps our live attendees better walk away with what it is that had them join us today.

Nathan steps forward. He’s my companion guide who helps me with Spiritual Healing and stands to my left.

Hello, we once again meet in this most interesting way to connect.

Indeed a powerful to communicate across time and space with just a few clicks on your keyboard or mouse. Of course, it’s not perfect, but it beats not connecting at all.

This entity of late has been missing that personal connection with you all. Being able to hug you and experience your vibrations firsthand.

He perceives much without ever speaking, allowing him to understand what you’re going through and comprehend your experiences, as is the case with most empaths and quite sensitive people.

Often personal connections bring about discomfort from a lack of proper understanding. But with mental control and detachment, you can be most accurate in comprehending your feelings.

But, it’s only an understanding, not knowledge.

And as you go into today’s festivities on this Mother’s Day, whatever your relationship with Motherhood on this planet as Mother Earth, allow yourself to quiet your mind for a few minutes, then acknowledge the cycle of birth and death.

Indeed, Motherhood is instrumental to this cycle.

Regardless of your status as a mother, you are here and now because of a mother’s work. Irrespective of their competencies for doing a good job.

Today we look at manifesting. First, I want you to understand that the people who raised you provided your manifestation training. Your understanding of how manifestation works came from them.

But where we go from here is up to you, whether your understanding of manifestation is basic or advanced. Whether you have an abstract idea or a well-practiced discipline, the future you’re stepping into is the creation of your mind.

Regardless of your experience level, understand the most simple answers are the most profound.

This manifestation process allows you to step beyond your mind’s complexities, connect with your Spirit-Self, see what lies before you, then consciously create the steps to take you to where you want to go.

But remember, of all these things we discuss regarding manifestation, the most important is action. Action brings your manifesting into reality.

Whether you’re manifesting health, wealth, relationship, or love without action, it’s only a thought in your mind.

You incarnated to learn how to bring about results in the real world.

This manifestation process is a tool for preparing you mentally to take the actions required to cause the results you desire in your life.

Again, Happy Mother’s Day.

My highest blessings.

Thank you, Nathan.

During the talk, Nathan showed me that aisle in the store with all the Mother’s Day cards. There were very serious, very loving, and irreverent cards. There was something for everyone. The irreverent cards were my favorite, which should surprise no one.

0730 Full Church Service Recording: Manifesting Journal

Recording of the May 08, 2022 – 0730 Spiritual Church Service at Spirit360 Fellowship

1030 Spiritualist Church Service: Manifesting Journal

Opening Message from Spirit, May 08, 2022 – 1030 Spiritualist Church Service

We open each Spiritualist Church Service at Spirit360 Fellowship with a message from one of my Spirit Guides or Teachers.

I invite them to share a spiritual teaching to set the tone and create a context for our time together that helps us make progress along our spiritual path.

To deliver this message from spirit, I use a method of trance we call inspirational speaking. We teach inspirational speaking in the Old Soul Academy, our online psychic and healing arts school.

It allows me to step my consciousness to the side just a little bit. And one of my teachers will step in and share messages. But, through me, I asked them to share something for those present during the live service to help them get the most out of what they intended to accomplish by being here today.

Let’s see who would like to share.

Nathan steps forward.

Good morning my friends, or in some cases, good afternoon.

It is, again, a pleasure to connect with you. Interestingly, this way of connecting is that all of the lights are green, except those which are most important. And what I mean by that is your ability to truly and profoundly connect with another’s vibration.

Of course, you can reach across time and space and think about someone and touch their vibration, but you don’t fully understand what’s happening.

This entity has been feeling a need to connect in person with others. It’s during in-person when most profound connections happen.

Often, long-distance relationships work on paper, but when connecting in person, you pick up the subtle things that may be stuck in the back of your head and bothering you as such. So today, we connect about manifestation about creating some reality in your future and quickly showing up.

It is also Mother’s Day. Today is a day where we honor and celebrate those who have given birth and raised you.

I would also expand Mother’s Day to include people with a mothering nature, whether it’s our mother earth or the mother divine feminine energy. A level of nurturing, care, and understanding is pervasive throughout our species and throughout all animal kingdoms.
And this is what I want you to tap into today.

As we look at this topic of manifestation, how do you open the doors to your intuition, knowing, and understanding that fulfill that which you incarnated to experience this lifetime?

You have a thought. The thought is born, then nurtured until it becomes an opportunity. But it’s not real. Your job’s not over.

We have yet to materialize the thought into a 3-dimensional experience of reality.
That, my friends, is the final piece of the process that too many times people forget. They’re so excited to attract and manifest, but they fail to materialize fully and cultivate what they’ve displayed until it’s reached its majority.

That’s where many dreams die. They get the traction and procreate. But they forget that that’s when the work starts. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

And indeed, that first step is often the most critical, but it’s the other thousand miles that matter to get where you want to go.

It’s a journey where you learn and discover who you are to the destination. But too many times, by the time we arrived at a good idea five years ago, another good idea has come up, and we’re distracted trying to get there. So pay close attention to the simple process being shared here today because, indeed, once you have the idea, your purpose, your goal, your intent.

Your work has just begun.

My highest blessings.

That was a Nathan, thank you.

He showed me Spirit360 Fellowship and how the idea was born many years ago during this message. And now we’re kind of. We’re pre-adolescents, so we’re not quite reached puberty yet. So we’re in that kind of infancy stage where we’re learning how life works and how things work, but we still have a lot to go as we step into the teenage years and our majority.

1030 Full Church Service Recording: Manifesting Journal

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, shares the manifesting journal process to help you accomplish what you incarnated to experience this lifetime.

Stillness Meditation Practice

Take that deep breath. Let’s do some meditation.

The meditation we practice at Spirit360 Fellowship is a ZaZen style of stillness meditation.

This total silence of the mind is the fastest way we’ve found to allow yourself to clear the Blackboard of your mind so that you can perceive those things Spiritual.

You effortlessly connect with your intuitive knowing, ESP, and spirit communication in this space.

Our meditation is a 10-minute practice. We recommend you do this practice twice each day.

Open. Oh, blessed Spirit,
the spiritual lives of my soul.
That I may be released from
the darkness over spreading me,
by the delusions of the outward senses.
That I may perceive and understand
those things Spiritual.

Guided Self-Healing Visualization

Spiritual Healing is a cornerstone of our practices at the Spirit360 Fellowship. As an Online Spiritual Church we share healing every service.

Spiritualist Manifestation Transcript

You find the transcript of this week’s talk “The Best Manifestation Journal” here.

spiritual manifestation 101

Ask Me Anything: Q&A

Each week, tsHall, @theStoicMedium opens the floor for questions about the day’s talk, your spiritual practices, the Church or himself.


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Psychic Mediumship Messages Service

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Intention Setting and Close

We connect across time and space with our spiritual church community with the assistance of our spirit guide and teachers.

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