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Learn 360° Spiritual Awareness

Learn Spirit360 Stillness Meditation

Stillness Meditation QuickStart

Meditation is the foundational practice needed to accurately develop your psychic, mediumship, and healing abilities.

With so many meditation practices out there, this simple, twice daily, 10-minutes meditation practice focuses on quality over quantity.

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Spirit360 Stillness Meditation QuickStart

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Class Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Developing 360° Spiritual Awareness
  • a Za Zen Style Meditation Practice
  • For Non-Visual Seekers
  • the Best Time to Meditate 
  • Can I meditate laying down?
  • the Secret to Meditation Progress
  • Stillness Breathing
  • Transcending Boredom
  • Conquering Busyness
  • Self-Protection
  • Seeing Colors & Faces
  • Group Meditation Info

This class – Spirit360 Stillness Meditation QuickStart is free.