Virginia: The Memorial Spiritualist Church

The Memorial Spiritualist Church 307 West 37th Street Norfolk, Virginia 23508-3702 (757) 402-0069

The Memorial Spiritualist Church

307 West 37th Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23508-3702

(757) 402-0069

Memorial Spiritualist Church welcomes everyone who seeks knowledge and fulfillment through spiritualism practices. Spiritualism is the foundation of this church, which is centered around the belief that reality extends beyond our usual senses, and that the soul continues to exist beyond physical death.

The church aims to help individuals to achieve a more profound understanding of themselves and the world around them through the development of natural psychic gifts.

The community activities of the Memorial Spiritualist Church include services, events, and classes that allow people to learn, grow, and heal while exploring their spirituality. The church service includes a time for healing, and participants can also communicate with their departed loved ones through mediumship sessions.

The church hosts an array of events every month, including psychic fairs, meditation nights, and special guest speakers. Additionally, the church offers various classes, such as the Psychic Development Class, which teaches individuals how to develop and control their psychic abilities.

The Memorial Spiritualist Church is a unique church that is different from most churches. The church purports that mediumship, which allows communication with spirits, is one of the foundation stones of Spiritualism. The church also offers a range of opportunities for personal spiritual growth, from meditation to energy healing.

Experienced minister such as Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo, an NSAC ordained minister who holds the NSAC credentials of a certified medium, commissioned healer, and National speaker, as well as Rev. Stacy Kopchinski, an ordained National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) minister, who is a Certified Medium (CM), Commissioned Healer (CH)

In conclusion, Memorial Spiritualist Church is a welcoming place where people can explore their spirituality. It offers opportunities for spiritual growth, healing, and learning, as well as the chance to communicate with loved ones who have passed on.

It is a church that is open to all and promotes tolerance, love, and acceptance of others, no matter their background or beliefs.

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