Michigan: First Metaphysical Church

First Metaphysical Church in davison michigan

First Metaphysical Church

8267 E. Atherton Rd.
Davison, MI 48423
(810) 653-3291


The First Metaphysical Church is an interfaith spiritual organization that embraces the truth found in all religions and welcomes people of diverse faiths to join in fellowship At its core, the church believes in the active presence of Spirit in daily life and the power of prayer in all its forms to access divine wisdom and guidance.

As stated in their mission, the First Metaphysical Church aims to uphold the highest standards of spirituality by setting effective examples through its principles and practices. The church fosters an inclusive spiritual community where individuals can explore and develop their spiritual nature.

One of the church’s regular offerings is its monthly Psychic Fair, which is the longest-running event of its kind in Southeast Michigan. Held on the second Saturday of each month, the fair provides an opportunity for attendees to engage with psychic practitioners and experience different metaphysical modalities.

While the provided information offers a glimpse into the First Metaphysical Church’s beliefs and one of its signature events, additional details from the website would help paint a more comprehensive picture of the community and its full range of offerings.

The church appears to be a welcoming space for those on a spiritual journey, seeking personal growth and a deeper connection with the Divine. Its interfaith approach and metaphysical lens seem to be defining characteristics that shape the community’s activities and engagements.

To fully understand the authentic essence of the First Metaphysical Church, further exploration of its website is recommended. This could uncover more about its regular services, educational programs, spiritual development opportunities, and other unique features that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of this spiritual community.

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