Missouri: Circle of Light Indy Spiritualist Church

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Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church (COLISC)

4025 Wilmington
St. Louis, MO 63116
(Grace UCC)

(314) 717-4349


The Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church (COLISC) is a unique spiritual community that seeks to “seek, develop, and teach the knowledge of the relationship between humanity and spirit”. Founded originally as an independent Spiritualist church in the late 1970s, COLISC has evolved over the years to incorporate a focus on meditation while still maintaining its Spiritualist roots.

At the core of COLISC’s beliefs is the concept of Spiritualism, which began as a religion in 1848 and centers on the idea of spirit contact. The church views the term “God” as a universal term for deity, not tied to any one particular faith. They believe in the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes, as well as the continuation of consciousness after death.

COLISC offers a variety of activities and events for its members and the broader community. Weekly services, held every Sunday at 5:45pm, include an opening prayer, universal greeting, and the 9 principles of Spiritualism. The church also hosts an Annual All Message Service, which features prizes ranging from angel statues to spirit portraits and certificates for free classes and readings.

For those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice, COLISC provides a membership program that offers access to exclusive material designed to expedite spiritual growth. The church also offers classes on topics such as comparative religion, history of Spiritualism, and counseling, which form part of their 2.5-year clergy ordination program.

One unique feature of COLISC is its Celtic Tree Meditation series, which includes a September meditation focused on the Reed & Grasses Moon, encouraging participants to trim back that which has become overgrown. This reflects the church’s broader interest in exploring the universal laws that regulate reality.

Overall, the Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church offers a welcoming and diverse spiritual community for those seeking to explore the relationship between humanity and spirit, with a range of activities and resources to support individual growth and understanding.

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