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Unity of the Hills metaphysical church in branson missouri

Unity of the Hills

4868 State Hwy 248,
Branson, MO 65616

(417) 334.6224


Unity of the Hills is a metaphysical and spiritual church that’s welcoming and accepting of all, guided by a positive, practical approach to spirituality. Their “vision statement” embodies a prosperous, spiritually aware community where all seekers recognize the sacred worth of each other.

In this community, the teachings are centered around positivity, and practical application of principles, helping individuals to discover their purpose and grow their spirituality.

The church emphasizes a teaching of universal truths as espoused by Jesus Christ, making sure that they embody them in every workshop, class, and seminar they offer.

One of Unity of the Hills’ central beliefs is that we are all interconnected and that spiritual growth requires constant learning and development.

They provide excellent opportunities to do precisely that and grow your spirituality while connecting with others who share your beliefs. The church offers a wide range of services, classes, and other events so that everyone feels comfortable in the community, regardless of where they might be on their spiritual journey.

Every visitor is welcomed with open arms and the church prides itself on offering a welcoming space where people can find the answers that have long eluded them.

Unity of the Hills upholds the unity of all churches and religions under a common spiritual umbrella, facilitating the growth and sharing of spiritual practices and teachings, fostering peace and harmony among all people.

The church also puts emphasis on not just reading and learning, but embodying and applying spiritual principles to day-to-day life so that you can see the tangible benefits that come with it.

All in all, Unity of the Hills is a spiritually diverse community that encourages personal support, growth, and development while offering a welcoming and accepting space for all.

Their teachings are practical, positive, and based on universal principles, and their various classes and events provide robust opportunities for people to grow their spirituality and connect with others.

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