My Spirit360 Dashboard

Hi, welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship.

Here is a quick overview of several of the changes we’ve recently made to hopefully make the navigation of our site more intuitive and easier to access our resources.

After you log in, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you will find all of your assets, resources, and manage your Spirit360 Fellowship account.

How to Join Sunday Services Live

The first thing you will find is this tab here for “Join Us Sunday.” This is where you will moving forward access our online services.

When you sign in about 10 minutes before the spiritualist church service or class, you will find a button.

how to join our online spiritualist church service via zoom

A “Join Meeting” button appears below the countdown timer about 10 minutes before we start.

You can click that and you will be redirected to the meeting. Fingers crossed. We should not require, have to require you to register for each meeting.

If you use the zoom app, you can click this uh, “Meeting Details” and you can find the meeting ID here. You can put that into your zoom app and join the meeting. If you find yourself needing the password, you can click. Area here that says passcode. And you’ll find the passcode for the meeting.

One of the things that we’ll be changing is moving forward each week. We will have a new separate zoom meeting.

So you, if you have an old link hidden around from the, uh, the past, it won’t be valid starting next week. And then you will come here, log into your account each Sunday, 10 minutes before the service, click the link or find the details. And then you can join the, the meeting that way.

The next area on the next tab is “Your Classes

If you are registered for live classes, you will have the access to the class. Zoom access to the classes here it’ll work the same way as the zoom access does for the services.

Any other classes you’re signed up and enrolled for? Will show up here at the bottom of the screen or our most recent, uh, services that are available for you to review.

The Mini-Readings Tab

If you want to book a mini reading, and this is replacing our mini readings day, it’s under the “Mini Readings” tab.

You can book your session here. You can select a mini reading or a healing. Once you click select the service you want, you’ll be brought up to a calendar when you click the calendar, you’ll find the times are available again as 10 minutes for $10, and that will help you get your appointment booked.

Once you have your appointment. They will show up here under this appointments tab. So you can manage your appointments here. You can reschedule your appointments, you can change them.

Your Account Tab

The last tab is “Your Account.” And we will be enhancing this a little bit.


Last thing: you can make two types of donations. You can make a one-time donation under, make a donation and you’ll come to that.

Virtual offering plate, or you can make, become an Angel.

Spirit360 Angel’s Circle members pledge a monthly donation amount that will be billed recurringly on, um, to your account, to your PayPal or your credit card account.

We are in the process of adding a pay by check option. Once that’s available, you’ll see here, pay by check, and then the way it’s supposed to work in theory is that you will receive an invoice once a month, and then you can pay by check and you can mail it to us.

We will work out some details on that. And I appreciate your patience. I appreciate your support. I appreciate you helping us reach people in the world that do not have a Spiritualist Church in their backyard

Until Sunday, my highest blessings.

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  1. I use my phone, not a computer to view everything. But can’t find the bookings tab to schedule the reading I just paid for. Can you advise of a date and time that works for you. Please include a link if it is on zoom or here is my phone if over yhe phone.
    Best regards
    Lori Wakeman

    Ps I am retired so can work with any time schedule 🙂