January 26, 2024

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🫶 Narcissist or Empath

Am I a Narcissist or an Empath?

Dear Spirit360 Community,

Have you ever wondered whether you are a narcissist or an empath? If so, you’re not alone. The terms “narcissist” and “empath” have become increasingly popular in recent years, but it can be challenging to determine which category you fall into. Here are some insights that may help you.

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Spirituality coaching is a three part process.

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The Spirit360 Practitioner Program begins in February.

We’ve made some major changes. Here are the highlights:

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Spring Retreats Registration

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🫶Characteristics of Narcissists

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition characterized by a lack of empathy and self-centeredness.

People with narcissistic personality disorder have a distorted sense of self-importance and may disregard the feelings and needs of others.

They may feel entitled to special treatment or admiration and have an inflated self-worth. However, individuals who exhibit narcissistic traits can still possess empathy, but they may only show it when it serves their interests.

🫶 Signs of Being in a Narcissistic Relationship

If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, you may be experiencing emotional triggers and blocks that keep you in the relationship.

It can be challenging for empaths to break up with a narcissistic partner who may use them for validation or emotional support.

🫶 Resources to Help Deal with Narcissists

The best Narcissist Survival Guide can help individuals identify and deal with narcissists.

And the best is to trust what you know and know what you trust from the observations in your journal.

As your psychic and healing skills advance you will begin to recognize the patterns that do not work for you and your live.

More importantly, you will trust yourself to know and act on what you know intuitively.

🫶 Characteristics of Empaths

Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who are sometimes described as “emotional sponges” because they absorb the emotions of those around them.

Empaths can be highly attuned to other people’s moods and emotions, both good and bad, and often feel everything to an extreme.

They may have strong intuition or psychic abilities and share similarities with highly sensitive people (HSPs).

🫶 Tips for Identifying Whether You Are an Empath

If you are wondering whether you are an empath, you may resonate with the following characteristics:

  • You are highly intuitive and can pick up on the emotions of those around you.
  • You are attuned to your environment and can quickly become overwhelmed by sensory input.
  • You are compassionate; others may turn to you for emotional support.
  • You may have a strong desire to help others and positively impact the world.

Questioning whether you’re narcissistic or empathic is exactly what empaths do.

Accusing some one else of being a narcissist sounds more like the behavior of a narcissist… Hmm.

🫶 Meditation as a Tool for Empaths

Meditation is often recommended as a tool for empaths to help them cope with their heightened sensitivity and become more resilient.

Regular meditation practice can help empaths manage their sensitivity healthily, feel more centered in their heart energy, and heal from trauma and PTSD by calming their mind, body, and soul.

In conclusion, understanding whether you are a narcissist or an empath is crucial to your spiritual growth and relationships. We hope the information above has shed some light on this topic.

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