September 23, 2023

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spirit shorts newsletter by spirit360 fellowship

Hello all,

It’s a bizarre feeling when you realize that our phones monitor everything we say, do, search, watch, and where we go.

Then, use this information to grab our attention, making something interesting pop up…

That’s the case this week regarding NDEs or Near-Death Experiences…

Shortly after, someone emailed me about NDEs, and YouTube started recommending videos on Near Death Experiences.

🔅 Go Figure

rediscover your spirit butterfly reflection spirit360 fellowship about page backgroundSpiritShorts this week is a short overview of NDEs (Near-Death Experiences).

If you’re an Old Soul, you’re spiritually awake and know that NDEs are valid and need no convincing that they are true.

From a Spiritualist Perspective:


During an NDE (Near Death Experience”), at least 15 to 20% of our Etheric Body remains with the physical body, preventing the physical body’s biological function from shutting down.


Most near-death experiences (out-of-body experiences, tunnel sensations, encounters with deceased loved ones, meeting god or the devil, and life reviews) are consistent with the individual’s personal and tribal beliefs. You typically see and experience what you believe you’ll see.


Third, The perspective, gifts, and sensations are entirely valid for that individual and often allow them to embrace one’s death and Momento Mori.

But they didn’t die. Dying occurs when your Spirit or Etheric Body leaves your physical body to return to the other side.

The stories are exciting and fun, but only part of the story.


Bottom Line: Instead of waiting for an NDE to experience Spirit and the Other Side, you can learn the language of Spirit (energy) by developing on-demand, verifiable psychic abilities. At Old Soul Academy, we teach you to experience Spirit without drugs or having to nearly die (which is how drugs help you connect with Spirit).

🔅 Sunday's Topic

This Sunday, we delve into Spiritual Journaling techniques that help you be yourself in all your relationships. Hint… It gets easier when you start seeing your connections using the spiritual eyes of your soul…


BTW: We found and fixed the problem with RSVPs that many of you experienced last week.

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