New York: Lily Dale Spiritualist Church

Lily Dale Spiritualist Church

Lily Dale Spiritualist Church
East Street, PO Box 1128
Lily Dale, NY 14752

Lily Dale Spiritualist Church is a vibrant and welcoming community where people of diverse faiths come together to explore their spirituality through the lens of Spiritualism. Located in Lily Dale, New York, the Church serves as a hub for people who seek a place where they can develop their psychic and mediumship abilities, experience healing energy work, and deepen their connection to spirit.

The Church’s core beliefs uphold the responsibility of individuals to create their own happiness and well-being by living in accordance with Spirit’s natural and spiritual laws. They believe that Infinite Intelligence expresses itself through the phenomena of both the physical and spiritual realms, and that humans have the ability to connect with this intelligence and receive greater understanding and wisdom.

Lily Dale Spiritualist Church has a rich calendar of community activities that support its mission and vision. The Church offers philosophy and mediumship classes, healing services, philosophy discussion groups, message services, and workshops on developing psychic abilities. They also host seasonal events, including services for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, and welcome renowned speakers and teachers to share their knowledge and insights.

Lily Dale Spiritualist Church also serves as a National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) certified center, giving it the authority to provide courses for training and certification for spiritual healers, mediums, and speakers. Furthermore, the Church works collaboratively with other NSAC certified churches and centers to promote unity in the Spiritualist movement.

In an overall view, Lily Dale Spiritualist Church offers a supportive and compassionate community where individuals can explore their spiritual nature and connect with like-minded souls. The Church’s vision of promoting healing, spiritual growth, and life transformation through the expression of spiritual laws is present in every aspect of its operation.

The Church welcomes individuals from all walks of life and invites all who seek to learn, grow, and develop their spiritual abilities to join their community and experience this transformative journey.

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